View Full Version : My First Assassin's Creed Game Was...

03-31-2013, 09:50 PM
What was your first Assassin's Creed game?

Mine was Assassin's Creed. It was the very first AC game I played and though it was a bit too repetitive, the ending left me hungry for ACII which made me say "THIS IS GREAT! They fixed everything I complained about in AC" and then Brotherhood which had it's shocking ending that made me wanna travel through time till AC:R came out and by playing AC:R, I thought "THIS IS THE GAME I ADORE! I'M AN AC FAN FOREVER" leaving me even more thirsty for another adventure which even though it disappointed me with it's ending, it still never got me to think "Will I buy the next one? or not?".

03-31-2013, 10:02 PM
I played them all in order, so AC1.

03-31-2013, 10:18 PM
Started with AC1 back in 2009 when I got my 360