View Full Version : How Authentic Will the Chicago in Watch Dogs Be?

03-31-2013, 06:18 PM
I noticed that the street was nice and glam'd up, most of the cars were new and the police cars were nice. And the El train in the trailer was looking pretty spiffy. This is not the case in Chicago, not even even The Loop. Will there be any dirty streets, ghettos, suburbs, authentic cop cars (Crown Vics and Ford Explorers), etc.? And how vast/big will the map be? Anyone else have a beef with these details? *I got a general answer towards the end of this video

04-01-2013, 08:55 PM
How does the Chicago of WATCH_DOGS compare to real-world Chicago? How important was it for the studio to accurately depict Chicago in the game?

Answered by: Jonathan Morin, Creative Director

While we took liberties with our version of Chicago to better serve gameplay, it was fundamental for the team to deliver a credible reflection of this fascinating city. The atmosphere of Chicago is something we took very seriously. We went there several times to take pictures, record our citizens’ dialogues and chat with the Chicago Police Department to better understand the place. In the end, people on the streets will talk like real Chicago people, the city sound ambiance is literally source material from the real places, the music will respect the rich history of the city… Even the weather is a real representation of the place!

Another key element for us was to have an accurate depiction of landmarks and architecture. If you’ve been to Chicago, you will have many déjà-vu moments. And not only it will look and feel the same, but you will be able to access historical facts on the places. We also made a lot of research on news facts about Chicago and its inhabitants. The stories the player will be able to tap into as he monitors everything and everyone will also be a reflection of the real Chicago of today. For our team, everything is in the details and we believe the addition of such little things is part of the reason why the response to our game is so strong. In the end, players care as much as we do about details within their experiences. So it is extremely important for us to make sure we deliver on their expectations.

This is taken from the internal Watch Dogs Q&A that you can find here. (http://electronictheatre.co.uk/pc/pc-news/33244/watch_dogs-qa-revealed)