View Full Version : Something new (devolepers please at least read)

03-31-2013, 12:19 PM
What do you think about changic elemntals in DoC?
create light elemental , water elemental and contribute them to the heroes who have magic schools of that elemental (exept primal)
example: hero who can use dark magic can summon dark elementals and to summon them, you are needet more magic and lower stats of might.

you can create for every elemental better version of them something like greater fire or greater light elemental.
plus you could do, what the summon of greater elemental can be summoned by replacing lower elemental and using only half of resources.
You could try to to add these monsters to the void packs and name it: Xyz coming " Danse of Macabre and add some new heroes"

the greater elementals can be really strong and you can give them rarity of epic cards and give them unique skills and strong skills something like:
Greater Wind Elemental: 8hp 4def 4 atk
skills: magic sheld (ignoring 50% of magic damage) (on this card cannot be used ongiong spells even if it is positive spells)
chain link 1 (than he attacking he deal 100 % of damage to primal target and damage is chaining in random way dealing only halv damage 3 links something like first gain 100% second 50% third 25 %)

Greater Light elemental 10hp 3def 3 atk
Skills: no retalliation
regenerate 3
magic sheld
i think you understandet an idea if you liked it you can write in forum and will give you my email and we could speak abaut this expansion. (sorry for broken english languege).