View Full Version : How do you think the dual-wielding is going to work?

03-26-2013, 06:52 AM
So now that we're getting free-aim and the ability to carry two swords, I imagine there will need to be a revision to the dual-wielding system. I've noticed that the preorder bonuses are advertising some items in pairs (i.e. twin golden swords) and some in one unit (Kenway family sword), so do you think the weapons will be stuck in the orientation you receive them in? As in, if you get the aforementioned gold swords, you'll automatically carry them both, and if you use the Kenway one, you won't be able to carry another?

Additionally, some guns are advertised in pairs and some as singles as well. Do you think this ends the AC3 style of simply cloning your gun and sticking a carbon copy in the second, third, and fourth holsters (or rather, empty spaces where the guns go :nonchalance:) as you acquire them?

Secondly, with free-aim (finally!) on the horizon, do you think they'll go back to the AC2/ACB style of having the ranged weapons on the same wheel as the normal ones, and allow them to be carried about freely like swords or tomahawks?

03-26-2013, 07:50 AM
I'd imagine there won't be any major revisions.
If you're thinking about changes in how weapons are equipped, then I'd bet that you'll either be able to carry a pair of identical swords or only one. Meaning no mix and matching your swords.
If you're thinking about changes in the combat system to reflect the additional sword in your off hand, I'd imagine it'll work exactly the tomahawk in AC3.

As for the Free-Aim, I'm going to remain skeptical until I see gameplay of it. They said that AC3 had free-aim. They said that ACB had dual wielding. They fudged the truth on both accounts. Not quite lies, mind you, but not quite the truth either. So until I see gameplay, I'm not speculating on the free-aim.