View Full Version : Glitch/Bad Spawn in Boston North End (in Manhunt)

03-25-2013, 03:31 AM

Yellow: Hiding Teammate
Red: Spawn point

This glitch happens on one specific place on the Boston North End map. I have experienced this glitch/bad spawn on both offense and defense round of Manhunt.

On defense
My teammate was hiding at the yellow dot when I was killed. I then spawn at the red dot. My pursuer just so happened was standing right next to my spawn point, so he/she killed me with no hesitation. I raged a little but said to myself: "Bad spawn. Big deal". After that, I spawned again. At the same exact spot. With the same guys standing next to me. Killing me again. I raged so hard. By the third death, I knew better so I mashed square and got an honorable death. Good thing on my fourth death, I spawn elsewhere.

On offense
In the middle of the match, I was standing on the red dot. I was stalking a target hiding at the yellow dot, when suddenly another target spawn right next to me. Literally within kill range. So as a trained assassin that I am, I mashed square and kill the guy. I was a little shocked that the guy spawned next to me and a little happy that I killed the guy. Suddenly, a sense of deja vu creeped on me. So I lingered around and see if anything else happens. And what do you know, a second target spawn right next to me. At the same spot. I gave him/her a good whack to the head and laugh like a maniac at my glorious back-to-back spawn kill. Before I could explain the funny situation to my teammate, a third target spawned in at the same spot again. At that point I just couldn't control myself. I laughed so hard that I felt like I was on some kind of natural high. Naturally, I killed the guy/gal and continue on my hysterical laugh. By that time, my first kill respawned in at the same spot, making the kill counter 4 spawn kills. My teammates then swooped in an messed up the 'glitch'. After then, they spawned elsewhere. But regardless, I was happy for the rest of the day. LOL.

Have anybody else experienced this?

03-25-2013, 05:38 AM
Love ur description of the event :)

But no that hasnt happened to but ii havent played MANhunt in a while so..........