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03-19-2013, 11:16 PM
Now i'm not directly asking for the link to the latest DLC because my own provider, where i purchased the CD KEY from provides me with the links every 2-3 days after release.

But could I ask how much do you know about the authentication system within the uplay account system.

As you know Ubisoft have a rule against piracy yet when i bought my season pass and activated it, it authenticated the account to allow me to install the DLC. As you know if you don't have the product code or the season pass authenticated with your account you can't install the DLC, It won't recognize your account as being valid.

So i'd like to ask is there a loophole in Uplay's security.

If a link that is provided from say a Ubisoft Installer for the DLC which they all are, how does it make this "official" installer be deemed illegal by the same company that made the "official" installer?

When a link is posted not from a re-uploaded link but when the official installer is posted for the DLC it's instantly removed and replaced with a link to support which takes you to redeeming your DLC, (( Which by the way is guided by screen shots for the XBOX360/PS3/WII version of the game, and completely different from the PC Version )).

When you enter your CD KEY into redeem or go to extra content you get taken to this page.


Which then redirects you to this page:


Which as you can see it asks you to purchase the content that is already Authenticated on your account.

What I'm trying to grasp at here, is that when you enter in your CD KEY, its only authenticated via the actual installation that you've made, so its done by a registry file to indicate that the future install can be processed with the right level of permission.

But its not actually credited on your account in any form or way possible.

This leads me to the support that is offered by Ubisoft on the PC Version of things.

As you know it can take up to 7 days for a support worker to get back to you and sometimes when they get back to you, they have no idea what their talking about, just read facebook at all the unhappy people that have asked for support and gotten nothing but rubbish back, sorry but it has to be said.

I have a firm feeling that the PC Version of things is not supported by Ubisoft that much, alot of your website's provided and the way game content is authenticated leads me to believe that when it comes down to support on a superior platform baffles your team because alot of them are inducted into console related support issues.

Now i'm not having a go at you, but i'd like to know your general summary as to why the support provided by ubisoft for the PC side of things is quite poor.

It's like if i got a survey back rating your support, i'd answer it truthfully because you want to improve things.


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