View Full Version : AC3 Mission not triggering

03-17-2013, 03:37 PM
I'm not sure where the best place to post this is, but here goes:

I've long been frustrated by the inability to create manual save slots (like in the Mass Effect and GTA games), but I found a backdoor once I unlocked my first Pivot cheat that disables the autosave, once I reached the point where I would have created a manual save slot if they gave me the option (one during sequence 3 so I could bypass that boring subplot on the Providence, another after all Boston Assassin and Homestead recruits), then I activate the Pivot cheat. Unfortunately, there's a new problem. When I was about to start "The Hard Way" it would not trigger. I would go to the map, I would hit the accept/confirm option, but instead of the mission firing, it took me back to the Homestead dock, as if I had declined, so it was impossible for me to progress any further. I found another session where I had just finished sequence 10, and when I went to the Homestead dock for "Battle of the Chesapeake," the same thing happened. Will a different pivot cheat avoid this problem, or will I have to wait for an update that fixes this? I worked hard to create my "sort of" manual slot, and I don't want to overwrite it.

My console is Xbox360.