View Full Version : AC4: What Do You Think Should Be Added To The Naval?

03-15-2013, 09:08 PM
1. free roam
2. more guns
3. different ships to choose from
4. exploration (exploring lands, finding treasure, etc.)

Eternal Reward
03-15-2013, 09:10 PM
Not just free roam of the sea, but the ability to swap from ship control to walk around your ship. I want the ship to be the new Homestead.

And, not different ships cause they all have to be the Jackdaw, but a lot of customization. Like, maybe increase of armor for decrease of speed, or vice versa, sails, ect.

03-15-2013, 09:17 PM
A limited amount of ammo, that way the grapeshot might be worth a ****.

being able to sail against the wind need to go. The wind thing in ac3 is useless since you could sail against the wind with little to no "punishment"(not necessarily "punishment" but you know what i mean)