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03-12-2013, 03:09 PM
We will post here ancient dev diaries that were important for the season 4, by chronological order.

Dev diary 20

Greetings all,

Following a survey several weeks ago, we launched an enquiry into PVE worlds based on your feedback in forums.

In this development journal, we’ll be talking about the changes we shall be implementing to PVE worlds for season 4 in October.

We have worked on two main aspects of PVE worlds: crevasses and runic fortresses.

First let’s look at changes to crevasses.

The first change will be to do away with attacks on players who have not been connected for over 48 hours. The changes will mean that players will no longer return to a devastated kingdom after a period out of the game. Based on this same protection principle, absent players will generate zero aggressiveness.

Next, we’ll be limiting the number of black elf heroes on a crevasse to 5. This will mean that older crevasses will no longer be able to attack dozens of players per day.

Finally we shall be increasing the number of crevasses on worlds by effectively doubling them.

Changes to runic fortresses will be as follows.

First we are going to modify the growth of troops on the levels of runic fortresses occupied by black elves. Instead of basing ourselves on the average power of the most powerful 300 players on the server, the daily increase will be 10% of the level’s current power. Furthermore the power of a level will be capped to twice the initial power of a level. With this, an un-attacked level of a runic fortress will gain no more power after 10 days of occupation and we shall avoid the unassailable fortress syndrome of season 3.

It will not now be possible to send a hero to the gate of a runic fortress to defend it. The only possible defence will be via the sacrifice of troops on levels.

However, during sacrifice, troops’ domination will not be subtracted from players’ domination score.

Next, black elf attacks to runic fortresses will also be subject to changes. The power of black elf attacks will now be based on the average power of the alliance occupying the runic fortress, and not on the average power of the whole world. This will enable modest alliances to capture and hold runic fortresses.

In addition, to prevent a whole alliance capturing all runic fortresses as soon as war is declared, we shall be increasing the power of black elf attacks on fortresses, which shall now be based on the number of fortresses occupied by the alliance. The power of attacks will be increased 50% per 4 runic fortresses possessed. The increase in the number of attacks according to the number of fortresses occupied by the same alliance will still remain in place.

Finally, we are going to deactivate stopovers during player movement. Black elves will still be able to stopover. Night stopovers will still be possible.

These changes will be implemented for season 4, due for release in October.

We are currently working on the possibility of creating a beta server for testing these mechanisms and we’ll keep you posted.


03-12-2013, 03:10 PM
Dev diary 21

Hi everyone,

The last dev diary about the new PVE servers got quite a strong reaction on the forums. We’ve taken your messages into account, and decided to make a few changes based on your comments.

We’ll be changing the following things regarding runic fortresses.

For troop growth on the runic fortress levels occupied by dark elves, we are going to keep the system presented in the previous dev diary. The troops on the levels will grow in strength by 10% each day. The only change is due to a typing error in the previous information - the troop maximum will be reached in around 8 days, not 10 days as stated before.

When making a sacrifice, troop domination will be removed from the domination score. The contrary raised a number of issues that you brought to our attention on the forum.

We are also going to modify the strength of dark elf attacks on fortresses. In the previous dev diary, we suggested they be based on the average strength of the alliance occupying the runic fortress, but a number of incoherencies came to our attention. Attack strength will thus be calculated depending on the total strength of the alliance, including the armies present on the levels of runic fortresses. This solution will adapt the difficulty to the size of the alliance holding the runic fortress, and allow everyone to get the most out of the end of the game.

The other modifications to runic fortresses that have not changed since the last dev diary are:

- It will no longer be possible to send a hero to guard the gate of a fortress.
- The strength of dark elf attacks on an alliance’s fortresses will increase in proportion to the number of fortresses occupied by the alliance.

A reminder of the modifications being made to rifts:
- There will be no more attacks on players who have been inactive for over 48 hours.
- The number of heroes on a rift will be limited to 5.
- The number of rifts on the world will be doubled.

And the last point of the previous dev dairy: players’ heroes will no longer make halts in territories that are not controlled by their alliance.

We should be opening the test server on new PVE worlds in a few weeks time, if our internal tests are conclusive.

The next dev diary will be about new PVP game endings.


03-12-2013, 03:11 PM
Dev Diary 22

Hi everyone,

Today we’ll be giving you details about how strategic worlds work.

These are the worlds with stores containing only certain articles that we have mentioned recently on the forums.

These worlds will thus require a ticket in order for you to be able to enter. The price of the ticket has not yet been fixed, but we will be taking into account your comments regarding this.
The worlds will appear in a new tab on the page listing all the worlds. Only one world will be open for reservations at any one time for each group of countries. Places will be limited to 250 people.

Players can reserve their place on the world by buying a ticket. These tickets can be canceled at any moment. The world will not yet be open.

When 75% of the 250 tickets have been sold, the players will be advised by e-mail that the world is shortly to open, and the world will open one week after this percentage has been reached. Tickets can still be canceled at this point.

After the world has opened, as long as there are places still available, players will be able to take a ticket and enter the world. Tickets can no longer be canceled from this time on. Registration for the world will finish either when the world is full, or two weeks after the world has opened, whichever occurs first.

Invitation and sponsorship functions will be active on these worlds, but invited / sponsored players will need to be able to acquire an entry ticket.

The list below contains the store articles that will be retained on these worlds. It has been drawn up with the results of the recent survey in mind:
- Vestige Destruction
- Unchaining
- Change specialization
- Reassignment
- Magic Wheel
- Conversion
- Town Destruction
- Transmutation

And of course:

- Extra Hero
- Extra Town

The artifact market will not be present on these worlds.


03-12-2013, 03:12 PM
Dev Diary 23

Hello everyone,

After the previous dev diaries concerning PvE and strategic worlds, we’re going to talk about the new endgames for PvP worlds in season 4.

First of all, the endgames for season 1, 2, and 3 will be deactivated. It will no longer be possible to get Tears of Asha by means of domination, honor or wealth. There will be no more runic fortresses either.

The endgames will be triggered as usual when an alliance reaches level 7.

The new endgame will take the form of a tournament played in several rounds, each lasting two weeks.

During these rounds, alliances will win points by completing endgame actions. These points, called tournament points, will be used for a new alliance ranking, separate from the normal ranking, in which all alliances will start at 0.

The ranking will have ten levels. Each level will give the alliance an advantage, and the first one to reach the last level wins the game.

At the start of each round, each alliance chief will receive a Tear of Asha. They will only be able to give it to a member of the alliance who did not receive one in the previous rounds. The chosen player will be able to construct a Grail using this tear.

The actions that earn points during the tournament are:

- Constructing and retaining a Grail (each day with a Grail earns a certain number of points)
- Attacking a town with a Grail and winning the battle

Attacks can be direct or through portals. There will no longer be any ruins.

An attack via a portal will start directly in the enemy town. The journey will take 24 hours, and the players being attacked will be notified of the identity of the attacker, time of arrival of the attack, and the strength of the attacking army (without details of its composition). The return journey will also take 24 hours.

A direct attack will be conducted in the usual way. Halts will only happen in the territory of the alliance with the Grail in its possession, as was the case in the previous seasons.

Alliances can only attack other alliances with a maximum level difference of one (above or below) in the tournament ranking.

A successful attack on a Grail will destroy it and earn points for the victorious alliance. The Tear from the Grail will be destroyed when the building is destroyed.

At the end of the round, alliances that still have a Grail in their possession will receive a tournament points bonus. Then, the Grails will be destroyed and a new round will start.

The game is over when the first alliance reaches level 10 in the tournament ranking. It will be possible to finish a world in the middle of a round.

That’s about it for the general functioning of the endgames. Newt week, we’ll be looking in detail at ranking rewards and how tournament points are won.

See you next week,


03-12-2013, 03:13 PM
Dev Diary 24

Hello everyone,

In today’s dev diary we’re going to finish explaining the new season 4 PvP endgame.

To summarize the last dev diary, it will take the form of a tournament, with alliances pitched against each other, constructing and defending their Grails.

Progress will be gauged by an alliance ranking separate from the normal ranking. There will be ten levels, with a reward for each. The final level brings victory.

Points can be earned in this ranking:

- by retaining a Grail as long as possible: each day that passes with the Grail constructed earns 2,000 points.
- by destroying other alliances’ Grails: each Grail destroyed earns 10,000 points.
- by still having a Grail standing at the end of a round: a Grail still standing at the end of a round earns 2,000 points.

The tournament levels are as follows:

- Level 1: 20,000
- Level 2: 43,000
- Level 3: 70,000
- Level 4: 100,000
- Level 5: 135,000
- Level 6: 175,000
- Level 7: 220,000
- Level 8: 270,000
- Level 9: 335,000
- Level 10: 410,000

The rewards for each level will be as follows:

- Level 1: Maintenance reduced by 10%
- Level 2: Defense attrition reduced by 3%
- Level 3: Return journey time from a Grail attack via a portal reduced by 25%
- Level 4: Maintenance reduced by 10%
- Level 5: Defense attrition reduced by 3%
- Level 6: Return journey time from a Grail attack via a portal reduced by 25%
- Level 7: Maintenance reduced by 10%
- Level 8: Defense attrition reduced by 3%
- Level 9: Return journey time from a Grail attack via a portal reduced by 25%
- Level 10: Server victory

Level awards are cumulative, i.e. an alliance on level 7 of the ranking will receive the following benefits:

- Maintenance reduced by 30%
- Defense attrition reduced by 6%
- Return journey time from a Grail attack via a portal reduced by 50%

A beta will be held before the final server launch, and these values may be adjusted during that time.

And that’s what the next dev diaries will be about: the PvE and PvP betas.


03-12-2013, 03:15 PM
Dev Diary 29

Hello everyone,

In this quick dev diary, we’re going to be talking about a few of the new features in the next version of the game being installed during the server migration. You’ll be able to access the new features when service resumes on Wednesday January 23 2013 at 9am.

First of all, there are two bug corrections:

- Messages regarding Seal reimbursement after a region building attack can no longer be sent. This will avoid some players no longer being able to access their inbox.
- It’s no longer possible to equip set artifacts on legacy heroes or equip artifacts from several different sets on the same hero.

We’ve also adjusted three aspects of gameplay:

- We’ve modified the spell casting system for defending heroes. If a player has several heroes defending a city, only the first hero (in the platoon order) will be able to cast spells. The other heroes taking part in combat will make their troops fight, but will not cast their spells. The first hero’s spells don’t have to be in two consecutive rounds - the hero can cast his spells in any round.
- The actions permitted while under the protection of Asha have been modified. It is now impossible to break a siege while under the protection of Asha. However, attacking buildings on the map - whether event buildings or runic fortresses - is allowed.
- We have added a limit to the number of legendary heroes a player can use. From now on, players cannot have more than two legendary heroes active at any one time.

A large part of the season 4 code is also included in this update, but it will only become active after the beta is launched.

And just in case you need reminding, service is being interrupted for server migration from 9am (GMT+1) Tuesday 01/22/13 to 9am (GMT+1) Wednesday 01/23/13.

The update discussed above will be installed during this interruption.


03-12-2013, 03:17 PM
Dev diary 31

Hi everyone,

Today we’ll be talking about the Coop and PvP betas.

The Coop beta was launched last week, and has allowed us to pinpoint a number of serious balance problems. We’ll be working hard to correct them all as we go along, and we’d like to thank you all again for the time you’ve spent testing the new coop worlds.

Although the beta was only planned to run for a week, we’re going to extend it for an unspecified length of time in order to allow us to fine tune rifts and Dark Elf attacks on fortresses.

We’ll be giving you regular updates in the dev diaries to keep you informed of the changes made.

In fact, let’s start now!

There has been a longstanding problem with the number of Dark Elf attacks on runic fortresses. The following change had not been implemented:

- Number of Dark Elf attacks in a wave reduced to a random number between 5 and 7 (previously 6-8)

As you may have noticed, far too many rifts were appearing. Consequently, we’ve drastically reduced and removed all existing rifts, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the new behavior in order to make further changes if necessary.

At the time of writing this dev diary, those are the only changes that have been made. We’ll keep studying Dark Elf attacks on runic fortresses, and inform you of any changes daily on the forum.

The PvP beta is being launched this week in parallel with the other beta. The world will be at x1, and the Gift of Asha will be improved in the same way as in the Coop beta. We’ll leave you a week to develop before triggering the endgames. The aim of this beta is to test the new endgame system, which consists of a tournament.

We’ll only be mentioning below the changes that have been made since the initial presentation:

- Rounds will only last one week.

- It will not be possible to use a legendary hero to defend or attack a Grail building. Players with an active legendary hero will not be able to receive the Tear or construct the Grail. Players who have received the Tear and/or have started constructing a Grail or who already have a Grail will not be able to activate legendary heroes.

- Ruins are being reintroduced. When a Grail building is built, a ruin will appear 8 squares away from the Grail city. This will serve as a halt before arriving at the city.

- Espionage reports from these halts will automatically be sent to all defending alliances.

- The effect triggered at levels 3, 6 and 9 of the tournament ranking (reduced return time via a portal) has been replaced by a +1 increase in the city limit.

- Return journeys via a portal will now be instantaneous instead of taking 24 hours.


03-12-2013, 03:18 PM
Dev Diary 32


As mentioned in the previous dev diary, today we’re going to be talking about the current betas. We’ll also be taking about the content of the next game update.

Coop worlds

Last week we started making various adjustments to the strength of Dark Elf attacks on runic fortresses.
The result is an overall reduction in difficulty when defending against these attacks.
We’ll soon be launching a survey to get your feedback on the balance of the beta.

PvP beta

The endgames will be triggered manually February 15 2013 at 11am GMT+1.
Tournament rounds will last 3 days instead of 7 in order to speed up the rhythm and allow you to test more levels.

We’ve finished a new version containing the following changes:

- Season 4: Halts have been removed for return journeys from actions

- Season 4: Changes have been made regarding the limit for the number of players in an alliance:
o PvP, Coop: The maximum number of players will increase by 2 at each level, up to a maximum of 30 at level 5.
o Strategic: The maximum number of players will be 30 from the moment the alliance is created.

- Season 4 Coop: Inactive players are no longer taken into account when calculating the number of rifts and their strength.

We’ll be giving more details next week.

Until then, we’ll be announcing the updates as we go along to keep you updated as quickly as possible.