View Full Version : Major desire for ACIV

03-10-2013, 04:33 AM
I know this could go in the feedback section of the forum but it's more of a question rather than just a 'demand.' I thought AC3 was pretty good but one thing that bothered me immensely was the atrocious framerate in the cities especially when climbing around on rooftops (on the PS3 that is). A game based highly on rooftop climbing and smoothness with the sloppiest framerate is annoying as hell. Sure it looked great and I barely had the issue in the frontier, but in the cities, it was painfully inconsistent. Seeing as the new game has cities that are supposedly more detailed and richer than the previous titles, could this still be an issue? The framerate was a bit bothersome in revelations but it sometimes had a nice flow, but AC3 was a new level. Maybe my recollection of it is a bit hyperbolic, but the idea is still there.

Could they fix the issue in their 2 year development cycle? This title looks a bit promising especially with the island aspect and underwater gameplay and I don't want it to be spoiled by technical issues seeing as they are working to fix many gameplay annoyances.