View Full Version : Ubisoft: Can we get Screen Capture update?

03-08-2013, 02:08 PM
I really wish the PS3 has screen grab for all games(Especially the AC series) because I got a PowerPoint presentation, and assassins creed 3 would have blow everyone away. The colonial era, there are no photo of it back then and now (buildings, the cultures, landscape...ect), but guess what? AC3 recreated it, lol I sometimes cheat(smart thinking; all the research have been done) using video games. In bioinformatics. I use Metal Gear Solid's nano machine theory to get an B+. Professor better not give us a paper on Greek mythology, else, I will hand in God of War. Astronomy, L.O.L, I hope professor doesn't play Mass Effect but if he do, thank you Halo, Killzone and Rachet and Clank. I swear, I use Watch Dog grid E3 intro trailers to write an essay and got a 100%. WIN!!!;)

I personally use screenshot or screen-grab as wall paper for my console, laptop, iPhone, and ipad, so only if it is possible; can we get that feature?

What kind of data centers would it take to realize such a vision, compared with what we are currently using today?
Well, Google-Grid is a great example of a Central Operating System (CTOS). This technology is available in today’s society, CTOS which can control subway lines (MTA), traffic lights (NYS), surveillance (NYPD) and electricity grid (Coned) but in our society the CTOS are separated between private companies, and corporation. If these companies decided to form a grid like Google, their data will be truly centralize. Computer will be able to control all this power which is data, but who will control this data? This is link I have found and is a perfect example how our data can be use against us and the danger of a CTOS. → http://youtu.be/7JcujYbctPk?t=1m2s ←