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03-08-2013, 12:30 PM
I would like to share my deck and request help to fix my tiny problem

I m the proud owner of the following 63 cards deck


4 x Week of Austerity
4 x Celebrations

2 x Enraged Cyclop

3 x Inner Fire
4 x StoneShield
4 x Insect Swarm
2 x SandStorm
2 x Fireball
2 x Chain Lightning
2 x Lightning Bolt
2 x Cyclone
2 x FireStorm
4 x Armageddon

3 x Blood Shaman Hut
4 x Arena
4 x Altar of Shadow
2 x Broken Bridge
4 x Campfire
2 x Observatory
2 x Stone of Enlightenment
2 x Wasteland
1 x Kat's Grand Final

This deck work pretty well , except against
-Garant's Purge
to resume ... INFERNO

Magic resist creatures are hard to deal with too
I would like to add 2 or 3 iterations of "Cristal of Power"
but my already oversized deck will grow too much.

I m looking for advices to :
1) Reduce my deck to 59 cards
2) Swap some cards for "Cristal of Power"

Thoughts :

i already tried to add
-Void Wraith (creature)
-Moonsilk Spiders (creature)
-Pao DeathSeeker (creature)
-Immolation (spell)
but this cards tend to slow my deck too much

To mix 2 cards of Every possible blast/disable allow me to deal with nearly every formation possible (if i m lucky enough)

To kill a 20HPs heros , you only need 3 buff (+2) , i have 6 of them in my deck , 3 Spells/3Fortunes
8 buff cards are too much i think / less than 6 delay the game too much.

Wasteland is here to counter Stoneshield Decks if Arena isn't enough

03-08-2013, 01:11 PM
You can add 1 Cyclops Brawler to distribute your threats. Some players will purge your Enraged Cyclops, Brawler may help with that. Good players should Purge your Grand Finale, though.

If your only win-con is Grand Finale, that limits your win chances in upper tiers against Cosmics. You can use a combination of Paos, Arenas and Void Wraths (Combustion or Immolation required) to have a steady win-con as I tried to do with my Shaar build somewhere here. But that deck is more difficult to play than standard Stronghold OTK.