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Edward Kenway is a young, brash Welshman born to an English Father and Welsh mother. He is charismatic and clever, but has a recklessness that borders on pathological. He is generally kind, but naturally selfish, and has a habit of valuing his own ludicrous ideas long before he will consider sensible or rational approaches to any problem. And he enjoys his drink, much to the detriment of his vital organs.
By the time Edward was in his early teens his family had moved to Bristol in the south East of England where he eventually met and married a woman two years his senior, the lovely and stable Caroline Scott. By all accounts the marriage was a lively one, but Caroline soon grew tired of Edward’s inability to find steady work or take his responsibilities as a husband seriously. But it was Edward’s grandiose ideas about sailing as a privateer in the West Indies and earning a fortune in gold that eventually disrupted what should otherwise have been a happy marriage.
Caroline eventually left Edward to return to her family’s modest home, leaving Edward alone with his bitter ambitions. But — much to everyone’s surprise – made good on this one promise. In late 1712, he boarded a ship and set sail for Jamaica to sail with renowned privateer, Benjamin Hornigold. And here he would remain for six months, until history threw Edward and his company another complication: Peace broke out.
In 1713, the treaty of Utrecht effectively ended all conflict between the major empires. British Privateers were no longer needed or indeed tolerated in the West Indies, causing thousands of previously active sailors to find themselves out of work. Not the most ideal situation for these young and restless men … for as the old saying goes, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop…” And indeed, in the following years, Edward, and so many of his bretheren would find the Devil’s work far more attractive than their King’s…

From the opening moments of ACBF, Edward is an experienced privateer-turned-pirate, with a taste for danger and adventure. He is both a skilled sailor and seasoned fighter, but he fights for no cause but his own. However, events occuring early in our story lead Edward right into the heard of the Assassin / Templar conspiracy, a conflict in which he will play a vital role. Without saying more, we can definitely say that Edward Kenway is one of the most uniquely conflicted heroes in the Assassin’s Creed franchise to date.

By 1715, Edward has already been a sailor for 2 years, an experience that has given him a taste for all the dangers and excitements to be found at sea. He can reef a sail, weigh an anchor, and swab a deck as any average sailor must. He has also developed extraordinary sense of balance and talent for climbing, even under the harshest conditions – “every finger’s a fishhook” as sailors of old were known to say.
Edward is also no stranger to combat, typically against the Spanish navy and merchants, having been a privateer for the English crown prior to his dip into piracy. By the time our game opens, Edward Kenway has seen and faced more than his fair share of violence and turmoil – enough to make a man cynical and suspicious of the world and everyone in it.
Temperamentally, Edward is efficient, lethal and brash, and always looking towards the finish line. This combination can be easily seen in the fight system. Edward uses dual swords and multi-pistols as his main arsenal. Proper chaining of these weapons allows him to kill very quickly and efficiently a big group of enemies. During a boarding sequence this is necessary for success.
Stealth wise, Edward’s brash behaviour gives him new ingredients to play with. Using people’s homes (hiding doors) to evade patrols, hiring prostitutes to distract guards and getting drunk pirates to do some dirty fighting for him.

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Interesting.. Benjamin Hornigold, huh? There's some potential there for some interesting storytelling... He has a history with Edward, but he was apparently eventually hired by the English crown as a pirate hunter. Perhaps it was a cover-up; he was hired by the Templars to hunt Assassins?

Anyway, the last paragraph implies some returning gameplay mechanics. Prostitutes and drunks seem to have replaced courtesans and mercenaries, but they apparently do the same thing. And the "hiding doors" sound like they'll be a new kind of static hiding spot.

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Interesting.. very interesting.