View Full Version : Some Multiplayer Grief

03-06-2013, 12:33 AM
I'll cut straight to the point, my biggest grief in multiplayer are quitters. People who quit the moment a match goes wrong. What they really ruin are the team modes where it's not rare that one player is left playing the other team on his own, as the original crew does away and the people being added by the game instantly quit as soon as they realize that they are on the losing side. Say that you're the "hunter" in Manhunt, things look like this: the moment the first opponent stuns you (and they will, having the numerical advantage), your characters will spend the next couple of minutes on his hands and knees, while the opposing players take turns pounding him from behind. I'm sure you realize how disturbing a situation that is ;), even if you've been so lucky not to have found yourselves in it.

And the game actually encourages such behaviour by saying "Hay, if you quit during your first minute, it's free!" That is really something I would like addressed in the next game because, while it's not really disruptive in the free-for-all modes, it's ruining the team ones, which I otherwise find more fun.

Also, assigning teams at the beginning of the game could do with a tweak, as it's not uncommon that in a situation where half the players have prestige levels, and therefore much higher experience than the rest, the game would place all of those players on the same team, making for a really unbalanced match (which also often prompts quitting).