View Full Version : Thoughts on the modern storyline.

03-05-2013, 04:25 AM
So, this is the only thing that worries me about 4 so far. Everything else looks great IMO. I kind of hoped we would have Assassin recruits that rocked hoods again but it looks like the Assassin part will be very secretive and his crew might not know about it.

Anyway, this Abstergo thing that's supposed to be YOU worries me. I mean, they totally set up Eve's descendant at the end of Liberation like i've mentioned in a few topics.

So really I'm worried they're going with a blank face rather than a new character. The only thing that brings me any hope is the series is known for it's cliffhanger endings. Hoping that maybe the Abstergo employee will realize he's on the wrong side and leave at some point.

Anyway, I know lots of people would rather they canned the modern timeline stuff all together... But I love how the conflict spreads that far into the future.