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Free roaming mode in ACIV (along with usual multiplayer)

First thing, leave out avatars, at least in free roaming. I think lots of people expect Assassin's Creed multiplayer to feature assassins. So my idea is that you start as a normal assassin, you rank up until you become Master Assassin. Similar as it was in Assassin's Creed one. When you rank up, you get new equipment and skills.
You customize your robes in shops you find in cities. Obviously ranking up shouldn't be easy. It should take lots of hours to reach Master Assassin rank.
But Master Assassins shouldn't be overpowered, they should only have more access to equipments, like it now happens to higher level players in the actual multiplayer.
In Hostile you decide to be Templar or Assassin or other factions like Mohawks etc... Obviously there shouldn't be 12 assassin's in a 20 people server and only 8 of other factions. They should be equalized in some manner (casual or by choice).
By the way, for all the fans of the actual multiplayer, I'm not saying to delete it. There could still be a multiplayer section as it is now, obviously with something new, and new avatars. I don't think they worked much on AC3 MP, it looks like a copy-paste of ACR's one, with new avatars and other little mechanics. And the graphics looks nothing like singleplayer's one, MULTIPLAYER MUST LOOK IDENTICAL TO SINGLEPLAYER. AC3's MP looks nothing like it singleplayer. Its cartoonish.
Even visuals change, but that could be a gameplay feature to have more FoV.
They could even do that you activate the usual multiplayer modes by going in certain places, as it was in RDR.
This way Free roam would became the main mode in the MP.
Oh, and free roaming adds replayability, this way people don't sell it when they finish it.


HERE's what I found on the web, and I 100% approve this. (LONG READ :D)

Take the functionality and concept of Red Dead Redemption's Free Roam, and use it in Assassin's Creed.

Now before you get ideas, good or bad, just let that sink in a second and consider the possibilities.

- Templar Dens / Towers = Gang Hideouts

- Parkour Footraces = Horse Races

- Thieving Missions (And what could potentially be animal hunting side missions) = Hunting Challenges

- Templar Dens / Towers / Major Landmarks COULD = Landgrab

- Notoriety / Breaking Laws = Most Wanted / Player Bounties / Parkour Escapes


- Friendly. Players cannot kill eachother, focus is on exploration and player versus environment activities.

- Hostile. Players CAN kill eachother, the focus is on whatever the hell you want. This one is intriguing.


This one seems simple enough. Templar dens get restocked frequently it seems in the AC universe no matter how many times you kill everyone inside, so that makes sense from a logistical standpoint as to being able to repeat them. Also, this function could be disguised as almost anything. Here are my ideas:

- Templar Dens
- Show up at a Templar den, case the joint alone or with friends. Everyone splits, walks separate directions. 2 of your friends take positions 3 rooftops over, having recently pickpocketed extra arrows of a guard and stolen a few more from a frontier stall on street level. 2 other friends select their Tomahawk and knife and wait for a headset readycheck to essentially breach the main doorway and provide a major distraction for the 5th player. In this fantasy, that's me (you). Player 5 has taken position in a nearby pine tree. Just maybe, you could fire an arrow with a rope attached, into the side of the Templar Den, or a tree directly across the way. Use the hookblade, if it exists, to zip over the conflict players 3 and 4 are engaged in at the front gate, and zip-line assassinate whoever is giving them trouble. Proceed to eliminate the remaining denizens of the den. 3 more waves of successively harder NPC waves arrive until all reinforcements have been exhausted, the den has been won. All of this was a non-scripted mission, but just how you and your buddies decided to tackle it.

- Animal Dens
- Same situation, but out in the wilderness. You and a couple buddies have a contract from a frontiersman back in town to find an especially well preserved bear pelt. You take up position above the mouth of a cave, clinging to the climbable rock wall and waiting. The rest of your mates enter the cave, waking the bears inside. Kill the angry mother bears, successive waves of bears show up, maybe 2 or 3 waves, as they heard the death-cries of fellow bears and investigated. On the last wave, the biggest bear you've ever seen shows up outside the cave and menacingly advances on your 4 buddies, who are sort of screwed being in a tight, enclosed space with a bear who takes up 3/4ths of it and really wants to kill them. But they stand calm and face him down as suddenly, you drop from your place on the rocks above the cave entrance, and bury a hidden blade into the bears neck. Everyone gets credit, you take the pelt back to the aforementioned frontiersman, everyone gets their share of XP. Again, this is just how your group decided to take on this mission. The waves still show up, but how you deal with them is up to you. You could easily just scale the aforementioned rock face to the top rock shelf and put arrows into all the bears.

- Random Battles - Assassins <-> Templars <-> Mohawks
- You're tooling around in the forest or on the fringes of town and you hear a cry of panic. You see invading forces of....indians, charging toward the main entrance to a settlement. You help out, along with any other players who decide to join in, (hostile servers make this a potentially easy place to blend in and kill another player during the heat of a skirmish) and acting as public mission, when the invaders are dead, everyone gets their share of XP.

Parkour Races

- Flags that show, for my imagination sake, a Hermes' Winged Foot on them with the toes drawn into an eagle's beak trigger an invite to anyone within 100 game yards to a footrace that works the same way as the ones do in the single-player version of ACB/ACR. First across the finish line, through all the rings, wins. Potentially multiple paths of rings to the same end point so as to prevent the Parkour collision of trying to be in the same space as another player on a board or outstretching plank or whatnot.

Thieving Missions

- A random citizen walks up to you, or just screams in general that he's lost his coinpurse. Search area displayed on minimap, the methods to which you retrive said coin purse that is visibly being looked through by a walking citizen or thief looking person are up to you. You either find them, kill them, a) return the purse b) walk away with it, persued by local authorities if seen, OR, you pickpocket said coin-purse, and choose (a) or (b).


- Not exactly sure how it works in RDR, but take strategic locations or territory and mark them on the map with....let's say a big giant crow feather stuck to a doorway that lets you interact and start a landgrab match. Works like King of the Hill in Competetive Multiplayer, and announces the mode start to the entire zone's player population.

Player Bounties

- Comitting crimes like assassination of civilians or local law enforcement, getting caught pickpocketing just cause you felt like stealing, running into enough people, getting into fights (law enforcement or otherwise) triggers a chase by the local authorities that works the same way as being chase in Competetive Multiplayer. Except for this, the local law enforcement is after you, with muskets no less, but other players are then free to kill / tackle you for compensation if on a hostile server. Successfully escaping via breaking line of sight grants XP, and you get to keep whatever you stole, if you stole anything to begin with.


Some arbitrary maximum I don't have the logistical brain space to figure out.

I propose they're called Brotherhoods.

What do you guys think? Even if it would be a reskinned Free Roam, if it's done as well, wouldn't it be worth it? People would buy this game just for that mode, gauranteed, and there would be more D1 sales. What do you guys think? Any additions you can think of?

IF YOU HAVE TO COMMENT "YOU WANT RDR FREE ROAM PLAY RDR" you can avoid to write it as it doesn't help this thread.

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Come on guys! Give me your opinion!

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Come on guys! Give me your opinion!

Your ideas are good, this is what most of AC Multiplayer lacks, which is gameplay variety, ACs MP has always been about killing, though I dunno how AC3 MP is like, because I've hardly tried it.

AC definitely needs a online freeroam, similar to that of Red Dead, and GTAIV. ACs definitely missing the social interaction side of things, so this would be a good idea, but depending on how they develop the game, I don't know if this would be possible.

I really like your Parkour races idea, this would be awesome, as it worked well in the AC2 singleplayer.

Here's to hoping!

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Let's hope Ubisoft reads this thread and implement it!!!
It would be amazing! And actually some worthy multiplayer to play after the single player.
Actually really a tiny part of the people who finish the singleplayer then play the multiplayer...

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The ideas you have mentioned have probably crossed Ubisoft's mind. They have have to keep the series fresh, you could say Ubi are not willing to put all their, "eggs into one basket". This is the problem with annual releases, they could risk burning out!

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spiffing idea old bean

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spiffing idea old bean

LOL at you being a fanboy of that stupid templar gentleman called Haytham.