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03-03-2013, 02:02 PM
As we can see from all the leaked pictures and the trailer for Black Flags, it looks like Edward Kenway has a more conventional hood rather than the trademark 'beaked' Assassin hood. I can't quite decide whether I like this design move or not...


-- A tad less recognisable as an Assassin to the public than before (although he is carrying four guns...)
-- Looks more realistic and grounded
-- New Assassin look distinguished from previous ones
-- Easier for cosplayers


-- The iconic beak! It is gone! :'(
-- Not quite as recognisable for an Assassin to the player

And hence the poll. GO!

03-03-2013, 02:05 PM
Should I really care? I did not even notice XD

03-03-2013, 02:07 PM
Altair's hood didn't have a very prominent "beak" either, it was very short.

03-03-2013, 02:07 PM
Think it looks cool...and why do a thing just to do it :p

03-03-2013, 02:18 PM
If need to talk about the hood/robe:
I would prefer something more brown and/or green. Would be better than radiant white whenever Eddie goes into the jungle.

Templar: Hey, did you just see that white thing?
Templar2: Yeah. Must be an animal. Let's ignore it.
Templar: But it looks human!
Templar2: And?
Templar: Assassin?
Templar2: Never. No one would be this stupid to wear white in jungle.

03-03-2013, 03:07 PM
Altair's hood didn't have a very prominent "beak" either, it was very short.

Looks like you have one more assassin to add to your signature.