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03-03-2013, 08:12 AM
Dear Ubisoft,
when I finished playing Assassins Creed a number of year ago, I quite liked it. I immediately began searching in stores ( since back then Flipkart wasn't around) for AC2. AC2 amazed me. Ezio's story, the gameplay and all the possibilities that it brought made it my favorite game. Then came brotherhood which was alright but hardly as good as the previous title. The multiplayer was amazing..revolutionary even. Then came Revelations and guess what.. it was downright horrible(in my humble opinion). Around this time last year.. AC3 was announced.. a new protagonist..a brilliant setting..tree climbing..dog petting..dual wielding and justice seeking. I watched all the trailers, saw all the pics, waited for the E3 gameplay.. followed every announcement..bookmarked the Facebook pages and the Latest News Explorer page as well. All in all, I was smitten. The 8 month long wait was difficult. Finally the game arrived. What I must admit is that Ac3 has been the most visually amazing game I have ever played. But for all its grandeur, it fell short. I felt it was too tightly scripted...I have never been a fan of the 100% sync. I appreciate Ubisoft enabling me to experience their version of the Boston tea party and the various wars but it just wasn't that exciting. Connors story wasn't really emotionally arousing. Its alteration around the Revolution was too rigid..every time it seemed small events(that could easily have had other alternatives) paved the way for Connor to be in the right place at the right time. For example:The Philadelphia scene just didn't fit in...Connor didn't have to be there and the game could have done without it. His relationship with his dad was rather ambiguous.( Actually Haytham appealed to me a lot more than Connor did. I thought he was really cool.) Speaking of the side missions, the naval missions have undoubtedly been the best. Other than those, most of the other stuff was reduced to check listing-Kill so many wolves: Check, Collect these items:Check, punch theses many people: Check.
What drew me to the series was Ezio's story. I am not saying that you need to create the same kind of story in the future. What needs to be done is better story-telling. You have got the graphics rights, the controls are good...but these features don't help in connecting with the character. Another setback is that the games are not challenging at all. The 100% sync has been an attempt but I feel its a fail. It is surely possible to make the game challenging without depriving the player of the freedom to choose between a wide range of actions and strategies to reach the same goal.

That is my appeal, as a player who considers the story of a game to be more important than anything about the game.

03-03-2013, 08:58 AM
The title says Black Flag and future.
Ironic there's no mention of Black Flag.

03-03-2013, 09:42 AM
Yeah.. I get your point...Its just that my appeal is in reference to all future titles.

03-03-2013, 06:54 PM
I agree on everything you said sir. I was so excited for AC3 and when i finished the game and all side missions it didn't feel enough! I expected much more, the story was too short, it didn't have a specific character like AC2 had. That's why AC2 is, and always will be my favorite game.