View Full Version : Good bye Ubi.

03-03-2013, 06:59 AM
Hi Ubisoft.

i've bought, played and enjoyed a number of your games over time, and i've always liked you as a company. today i got farcry 3, and was introduced to your extremely poor Steam wannabe Uplay. EA games tried it with origin, and now you guys wanna get in on the action!

perhaps you have not polled your community.

do you understand why your gamers love Steam? do you know why valve is so loved? because they are not malignant. they make a painless quality product that gives you value, ****s you minimally, and mines your data only quietly. register and use a steam account. it's great! now make an Origin or a Uplay account. yes! they are utter steaming piles of ****. i was really baffled you didn't want my credit card to register for your ****ing **** service. you know what would be a great business model for you to try? not ****ing us. we don't want your ****ing uplay. it's ***, it's poorly made, it's an extra account i was forced to make STRICTLY for the purposes of giving you my information for data mining and to sell.

EA games lost a really really faithful customer over origin. and goodby, my beloved BF games. i will miss you.

Now one for you, ****ing Ubisoft. good by. ****bag companies like you make steam look godly in comparison. cram your ****ing uplay down console players throat. this **** is unacceptable on the PC platform.

warm regards

your ex customer.