View Full Version : AC3 Save Files gone Missing!

03-02-2013, 08:05 PM
I'm having a serious problem with my game. I've finished the game. I have unlocked almost all of the achievements. I've even gained Uplay points for those achievements. But all of a sudden, my save files have vanished. I started AC3 and rather than being able to continue from my previous point, it just shows me the option to start a new game.

This is NOT a shared computer. No one has access to my files and therefore i'm sure this is a bug within the game which is not allowing me to resume my game.

I had a similar problem with AC2, that turned out to be a problem with cloud syncing. Once disabled, everything worked fine. But AC3 does support cloud syncing and therefore should not have caused this problem.

Please help me get my save files back. Thanks!