View Full Version : What I would like to see in a patch update for BASE GAME!

03-02-2013, 06:01 PM
First, Ubisoft can we get seperate forums for Black flag and TOKW? I'm getting sick of only seeing black flag and TOWK threads...

and I was just replaying my favorite mission, or one of them at least, in base game because I'd rather keep the universe of AC realistic... well other than "those who came before us" but i'd rather keep Magic powers as far away as possible...

anyways I'd love to see in a patch either blue coats or red coats, which ever part of the game your in, spawn inside taverns thus making use of the hide spots that are there that have no use in the game other than 1 mission but also the ability to start a brawl with them. I want to see citizens cheering and on tables like in the mission with Haytham. That was so cool but it really saddened me when it wasn't in free roam, only that one mission.

Thoughts guys?