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03-02-2013, 05:18 PM
**Spoilers will be in the thread**
so AC4 will start 40 years before AC3?
Then is there a chance to have haytham kenway as one of your assassin apprentices? dont know how old he was in AC3 but somewhere around 40-50 so if about half the game would been after 10-20 years.

Couse In the AC games it been alot of talk that almost all assassins comes from the order that they grew up with it. and so far in the games its been like altair grew up with it...but you never experianced it..or meet any of his parents (or brothers or sisters if he had any) they barly even mentions it untill in rev. (prehaps in the psp games I havent played them)

Ezio´s dad and uncle was assassins....no mention of that untill they were killed. so he never really grew up with it. (and the rest of the family....I dont think they mention if any of them knew what their father was)
But the other assassins in AC2,brotherhood was not really mentioned how they got in to it..not many of them. did they grow up with it? or did they become assassins while working with Ezio? ( like the thieves,mercs,courtesans did they know who they were working for? the mercs working for your uncle....seems to know? yes no?)
and your assassin apprentices never knew about the assassin order or the templar order before they joined...exept for that one guy in AC3 I think (whos father was killed in the start of AC3)

Connor was "spoiler" Kenways son..but Kenway never knew of him. so of c he didint grow up with it.

Desmond grew up with it..but he thought his family was apart of some kind of cult...untill the events of AC1.

So my point is that they say most assassins grows up with it...is it just me or do they not really portray that very well? it feels like most assassins barly knew what the assassin order was.

and then to the question... is there a chance of that to change? (as we know nothing about AC4 untill monday we can only guess) Will the new assassin know about his father/mother being an assassin before they die? (I would like to see an assassin growing up while knowing his an assassin) As I think may very well be wrong I think they said that the Kenway family was a assassin family for generations
Like having a sister or a brother that your working with or is close to the new assassin.

Like looking at AC3 with many people feeling that the moments with Haytham and Connor was the best.

03-02-2013, 08:37 PM
Read the Assassin's Creed: Forsaken novel. If anything, this game will be pretty much a prequel to that.

03-02-2013, 08:48 PM
Has it actually been stated that it starts in 1715? 1715 is a year that has been mentioned, doesn't mean the game starts then.