View Full Version : new story for a new assassin's creed game

03-02-2013, 04:12 PM
once there lived a man named Ken Nagasaki. His parents were rich but were killed by a man who hated his father for a number of reasons. Ken was then taken by a ninja named Takiye Ogasami. There he was trained to be a ninja, a 'assassin'. But later on he found that his master actually was using them to kill the man who killed his wife. so when they protested against him, Takiye got angry and started a fight with them. Ken and his team defeated his master but suddenly a lightening stuck there base and in a minute the whole place was on fire. Unfortunately only he survived the accident. Wounded he went to a shaolin temple were he was treated and trained after which he decided to be a samurai. But soon his master committed suicide as one of his enemy told to the king that he killed his brother. He determined to take revenge upon the lord who was the reason for his masters death. He did many things to reduce that lords power. He also reunited with many other assassins. He last ken went to his castle and killed him using his katana. At last he too did suicide too keep his honor.