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03-01-2013, 03:59 PM
So, I heard about the latest AC game and it being about pirates. The theme of pirates got me thinking, how can we take ideas from AC3 and morph them into ideas for AC4? Well, these are my ideas. Instead of a whole, big, frontier, place small tropical islands from the Caribbean to explore. The idea of traveling between them is two ways: a fast travel system like AC3, and a manual way. The manual way is simple, get in your ship and sail to your desired destination, fighting ships on the way if you want to. The fast travel system gets revamped. Similar to the percentages in the assassin missions from ACR, the fast traveling has a percentage (between these islands). The more crew or better the ship, the higher the percentage. If at 100% or so, you can travel freely and safely. But the risk is , if its not at 100%, there's a chance to be attacked on the seas. This results in some naval battles, without having to do a full naval mission. Also with the naval battles, more of a chance to board the enemy ship and fight hand to hand, or even have your ship boarded and you have to defend it. Now with ships, maybe the ability to customize where certain rooms in the ship are. And the ability to be on the high seas, and be able to, when no enemy ships around, freely walk around the ship. These are just some ideas, I have no idea what Ubisoft is planning, so don't think this is confirming everything.

03-01-2013, 04:43 PM
That is kinda what I think will happen too. The Frontier gets replaced by open sea and so to travel to different locations, if not fast traveling, you sail to them. Getting randomly attacked by pirates etc..

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