View Full Version : What I would like to see from AC4

02-28-2013, 11:50 PM
In each AC game so far, both Assassins and Templars have spoken about what their ideal world would be like. I feel like their words have never really been put into action. The closest we see the Templars carrying out their ideas is in ACB where the Borgias control Rome, however Cesare deviates from the Templar goal and is more like a simple Tyrant.

I would like to see a game where the environment starts out exactly as either the Assassins or Templars view their ideal world then we begin to see the tide turn in either faction's favour if that makes sense.

So far it has simply been Good vs Evil or Freedom vs Tyranny. The Assassin and Templar ideals are much more complex than that. AC3 gave a much better understanding of what each side wanted to achieve, now I would like to see both sides succeed in applying their ideas and putting their theories into practice and in the process, maybe the Templars get the better of the Assassins for once?

Hope that makes sense!

What are your thoughts? :)