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02-28-2013, 07:19 PM
Ever since AC3 showed Naval Combat I wanted a Pirate Assassin in a free-roam naval game. I remember getting Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest for PSP and there was Naval Multiplayer. It was something Ubisoft missed out and it was awesome. Here's some of my suggestions not on your list.

*Please note this is not to replace the multiplayer that is seen in previous games, just as another feature online.


Players could battle out in each of their vessels using a similar Naval System to AC3.

WEAPONS To battle you need projectiles and similar to AC3, there could be various types of cannonballs and projectiles depending on your progress in the multiplayer such as: Round Shot, Chain Shot, Hot Shot, Grape Shot, Shell, Canister Shot, Shrapnel Shot and Heat Shot. Also using the Swivel Gun you can use it as a secondary cannon which features a miniature cannonball and a Harpoon shot.
PERKS Perks can be accessed whilst leveling up some could include some of the following.
Radar - Expands the Minimap and shows all nearby Vessels and their position on the map.
Endurance - Increases the speed at which your vessel can move.
Maintenance - Increases damage recovery rate.
Quick Reload - Increases Main Cannon firing speed.
Belt Speed - Decreases Weapon Cooldown time.
Stealth - Cloaked from a distance and increases difficulty for enemies to see you on their minimap.
Flexibility - Increases turning radius by 360 degrees and speed for the swivel gun.
Armored - Reduces Damage taken by Main Cannons by 15%.
CLASSES For every 10/50 Levels (excluding prestiges) in the multiplayer the user can unlock a custom class. This would Feature 2 Perks, 1 Main Cannon Projectile, 1 Swivel Cannon Projectile and the usual Kill Streaks/Loss Streak Bonuses.
MODES Modes are Similar to the previous multiplayer AC including TDM, Domination, Manhunt and so on. Explained in detail:
TDM - features free-for-all Naval Combat. Whichever player reaches 20 kills before the others wins.
MANHUNT - assigned targets can be found throughout the map. Using Chainshots you can stun your Pursuers, resetting their targets and eliminating your opponents to win.
DOMINATION - 3 ship wrecks are scattered around the map, providing cover from enemy vessels and respawn points depending on who controls them.
MAPS Various maps can be voted by players, different locations can be selected aswell as the weather such as the Rainy Caribbean.
Customizations When I mean customize I mean you can upgrade your ship type (Frigate, Man-of-War, Galleon or a Barque) colors, emblems that appear on sails and many other cool accessories to go with your vessel. Depending on your level, access to ship types would become available as you progress through the multiplayer.

Any suggestions?

02-28-2013, 07:21 PM
I could see MP ship battles happening this tie around.