View Full Version : Serious Delivery Glitch - Boston Central

02-28-2013, 02:14 AM
I have all the materials for delivery to Central Boston. I go to the guy.. no 'icon' shows up.. no interact shows up. I start and reload many, many, many times.. still same problem. So.. I figure okay.. maybe if I clear all this stuff out 'trade it' then remake it.. maybe it will register this time.. so.. I send everything, paper, dolls, hair accessories, gold ring, and soap out on a convoy. I check the list for items in my log book.. the gold ring and soap still registers as present for delivery. I check inventory and none there. So.. I remake everything again.. paper (3), hair accessory (2), dolls (2) gold ring (1), and soap (2). I leave the crafting window.. game register the paper, dolls, hair, and gold ring, but not the soap.. no prompt to go see your contact. I check my log book again.. every item for delivery is full (should be able to complete), go to Boston.. seek out guy.. no prompt again.. no interact.. nothing. Did this sequence about 4 different times.. every time when crafting and leaving.. everything registers except the soap (so.. I think you have a bug in the soap) [no joke intended]. I am well on the way to 100% and perfectionist.. but this is going to really suck :mad: if I can't get this delivery done. Anybody have any clues.. or do the devs need to look at and fix this. Never had a problem with this delivery on my first play through.