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02-26-2013, 08:09 AM
Super stoked to see this game coming out, btw. I'm glad to see that being given more power, games are becoming more mature.

It's really cool to see how the player is able to interact with "connections" individually... But given that they are all connected to each other, it would be cooler if you can set "reaction chains" with complex cause/effect (like electronically blowing a fuse somewhere would cause a train to crash) with even deeper control structures (like that fuse can be electronically blown by a certain civilian in the vicinity accessing the ATM at her routine time of the day when she cashes her daily paycheck)...Aiden is an expert coder, afterall.

To have this in the game would make the world a ton more organic instead of just a world full of one-way inputs and only immediate output with no real consequences. I could think of wonderful symphonies of carnage with that much power of control in my hands.

I know this is not much to ask for at all, given that this title is next gen. :nonchalance: . It would be like having a semi-real simple "coding language" with basic commands like if, else, to crude action-reaction stuff like vicinity (situation mention above), self_destruct, time blah blah blah... inside the game. (Example would be, say... redstone of Minecraft)

Would this be too complicated (I mean to the audience) to implement? I mean, it's not really complicated at all, given that a baby can solve a basic puzzle involving simple connections, when given obvious visual instructions on how each link of that connection works; preferably with EXPLOSHUNS... This is like making your own puzzle and let the game solve it. WITH EXPLOSHUNS... EXPLOSHUNS is a common language to us gamers, ain't it? ;)

Using EXPLOSHUNS to teach basic programming. Effin' rad, man!

What do you guys think about this? Or is Aidan too morally candyass to mess with things on a larger scale? :p

02-27-2013, 07:21 AM
i think this chain reaction idea is kinda cool..:)