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Rogue Agent 035
02-25-2013, 11:16 PM
So I'm currently on my 11th full run through of AC3 in order to better understand of a few things in pt 1 of TOKW before the arrival of episode 2. An I thought I'd open this thread to you fellow assassin's an get yer take on how this approach has helped/hindered the AC franchise, an please as I said in the tagline... no Connor bashing will be tolerated. Personally..., this is the only game in a number of year that I can go through with a fine-toothed comb this many times an not get tired of it. Being a college history major an avid american history buff I throughly enjoyed how the innertwined our main character with what I feel is one of history's most inportant events an the homestead/naval missions outside the main campaign were superbly constructed an blended nicely with the main campaign in the sections of sequences 9 &10. The main protagonist was a welcomed addition to AC franchise, I began to quickly tire of the carasmatic (which to me was cockiness), womanizer that was Ezio, an to find one who still had the braveness Of Ezio, the coldness of Altiar, an the agility of a well rounded fighter, Connor was a god-send, but sadly too many ppl hated him an those were the ppl ubi decided to side with for AC4 an if we see Connor again, it'll just be doing him an what his character stood for a dis-service an dis-respect, much like they did altiar in ACR. Another tid-bit I've learned regarding Connor is, I've read where a lot of player only hated him because they felt he was too weak emotionally an weren't quite sure what he stood for, but interestingly enough many of those ppl interviewed an asked that question never ventured into the Homestead mission which (an was confirmed) was where we would learn more about Connor an what he was about an stood for, but sadly those of us who went through them an enjoyed either were ignored..., or passed over. AC3 is only the second (AC2 was first) game that I was/am willing to spend time with an achieve the 1190(platinum) GS, an go over an over with regardless the number of times (or copies I go through), an after fact checking a lot of things, realized Corey an the other writers did a fabulous job in re-constructing certain events in the american revolution. So to end, I will just say that I loved AC3 as well as the conclding DLC (so far), an say that (to me any anyway) "AC4 will be measured by AC3's standards", an though I am a "Fan-Boy" of the franchise (as my wife describes it), if AC4 doesn't live up to the scope, or the amount of content (both main an side) that AC3 has..., they will forever loose me as an avid fan.

I now open the floor to you fellow assassin's :cool:
Rogue Agent 035