View Full Version : Bugs N' Crashes: Tyranny Of King Washington dlc

02-25-2013, 05:50 AM
I had a quick search around the AC3 forum and haven't found anyone having similar probs to me.

I downloaded and installed the DLC the other day and since then AC3 has been crashing or behaving strange.
For example, after the DLC install, when I go into the GFX option and try to change the resolution every
option gives me a boxed off screen except for my monitors default of 1680x1050 (This res' gives me the usual
full screen but with boaders top and bottom). But choosing any other res' option gives me a screen with boarders all around, like photo
in a picture frame. This happens when I try to change the resolution before playing or in game, whether playing the DLC or regular AC3.
(again before the DLC I could change the screen res' with no problems)

The crash problem I have always happens after a few mins of playing the mission where you go in search of the great willow at the top of the mountain (I'm at the very begging of this mission).
I'll be just running towards the destination or having a fight with the bluecoats and the game will either crash to a black screen and reset the PC or I'll have to
manually reset it, or it will crash back to the desktop with an 'AC3.exe has stopped working' error.

AC3 worked great before I added the DLC.

So any advice welcomed.

Pc specs: 8gb ram, geforce 460se, AMD Athlon x4 3.01ghz, Win8 64bit.