View Full Version : What year is The Tyranny of King Washington based in?

02-21-2013, 07:07 PM
Forgive me if I've missed a blaring public announcement which gives an exact date, but I'm curious to know what year Ratonanhnhaké:ton enters this dream. My understanding of the story and history leads me to believe it is one of two options: 1783, or 1797.

Now, I think it's pretty obvious that although this is an 'alternate reality', it is still happening in real-time; that is to say, he fell asleep (or was knocked unconscious) at a certain point in time in the normal reality, and awoke after that in the alternate reality. The question is, when did that happen? Personally, I'm more inclined to believe these events are taking place post-1797 due mainly to Connor's line"He [George Washington] is no longer Commander-In-Chief, he retired to Mount Vernon." (Assuming the year of Washington's retirement hasn't been changed IU.)

Do we have any concrete evidence for either date?

02-21-2013, 07:11 PM
if we assume that US presidentship is 5 years(I ain't american).Its probably 1793 years and Rahtonhake:ton is 37 years old.

02-21-2013, 07:12 PM
Based on Connor's age (yes, I am calling him Connor since I cannot spell his real name), it appears to be around the time that Achilles finished the bulk of his training.

It looks like Connor slept for 10+ years or so as everything after Charles Lee caught him at the tree, but before the village was burned, never happened since his mom is still alive.

02-21-2013, 07:52 PM
American Presidential terms last 4 years.

1.) There has been no specific year stated. I heard someone say that it was after Washington's 2 terms as President which ended in 1797.
2.) George Washington died in 1799 at age 67.
3.) Benjamin Franklin died in 1790 at age 84.
4.) Israel Putnam also died in 1790 at age 72.
5.) AC3 ended in 1782.

So for Benjamin Franklin to still be alive as well as Israel Putnam, chances are the game takes place between 1782 and 1790. That is unless this alternate reality suddenly made dying of natural causes impossible for Franklin and Putnam. Going by Putnam's model isn't really a good indicator since Ziio was also too young for her age.

There's also the fact that the Revolutionary War is over (or at least the British are gone) so has to be after 1782. Beyond that, there aren't many other clues at the moment to suggest what year it is beyond it happening at some point between Connor becoming an adult (age ~18-20) and possibly 1790 when Franklin and Putnam both died naturally. Benedict Arnold isn't really a good indicator since apparently West Point didn't happen in that reality.

George Washington, in real life, was offered the position of becoming the United States first king. He turned it down which led to the Presidential position being created instead. Maybe instead of turning it down in that reality, he took it. That thus puts the events around 1789 which was when he first took office give or take a year or two.

Granted, this is an alternate reality and as the Assassin motto goes: Nothing is true. Everything is Permitted. Who's to say what year it is besides Ubisoft themselves. Best guess for me is that it's between 1776 and 1790 :p