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02-20-2013, 01:18 AM
Post your written reviews/thoughts about the DLC here (just so there aren't dozens of separate threads). This thread is mainly for thought out, essay-style or bullet-style reviews, but feel free to post general thoughts here as well.

The Good
-The music is fantastic! Balfe has composed/remixed a number of tracks for this DLC (more than I expected), and they're all just as good as anything from the main campaign. Hopefully these tracks become available for download/purchase at some point.
-Ratonhnhake:ton's outfit looks really cool. It was already revealed previously, but it was cool to finally see it in action.
-King Washington's America is very surreal. There is chaos and mayhem everywhere you go, and you really feel like this is a tyrant-ruled historical land.
-I was pleasantly surprised by the powers. There are a number of new challenges put in place so that these abilities don't just make the game easier, and the ones we have so far are pretty cool. I'm not sure if I'd get sick of these over a 12+ hour campaign, but they were fine in a short episode like this.
-The dream sequence where you get the powers was crazy, and had some delightfully trippy moments (such as running towards the heart beat).
-Most of the voice acting was good. Noah Watts was fantastic, and while some of the other voices weren't perfect, I don't have much to complain about (performance wise).
-The plot was pretty cool. Most of it is just Ratonhnhake:ton running around not knowing what is going on, but the story seems to be building up to something more interesting.

The Not So Good
-This DLC was pretty short. I didn't expect it to be too long as an episodic release, but I might have preferred it all to be released at once.
-The cannon missions. I absolutely hate these missions (which have been in since ACB), and Ubisoft is insistent on including them. They're not fun, they take a long time, and they go against the established gameplay. I think including cannons could be fine if they were only accessible in an optional way. Fortunately, there is only one of these and it is in the first 10 minutes of the DLC.
-The natives do not speak Kanien’kéha. This was probably done to save money, so while I don't like this decision, I understand it.
-I'm not sure how offensive this DLC might be. Spirituality can be a very sensitive subject, so hopefully the consultants were still used.
-Most of the side characters were pretty dull.
-White text on white screens is still not visible.

I enjoyed it overall, and I'm really looking forward to the next episode. If you're low on cash, you'd be fine to hold off until the entire set has been released.

02-20-2013, 02:44 AM
sure i read somewhere that they were still using consultants and they had a different idea on connor and the sky world which was meant to be more offensive, so who knows what that was

02-20-2013, 03:26 AM
Warning, spoilers ahead:


-I have to admit: Wolf Cloak is awesome. While these animal powers may be silly, it's just so much fun to use. This is the one thing I'm really pleased with. :)
-I like the loading screens where you chase the Apple.
-Connor seems to be largely the same character, but the powers he gets appear to go to his head somewhat. It's interesting to see this new, more arrogant side of him.


-Many of the problems and frustrations from the main game are present in the DLC as well. Enemies not showing up on the map, guards popping up out of nowhere, nonsensical enemy detection, lack of clear tutorials/directions etc. (It took me a while to figure out which button to press to shoot in the cannon mission, since there was no prompt for it on my screen.) I'm also experiencing a lot more weird camera glitches in open conflict than in the main game.
-It's a bit disappointing that after all the detail that was in the main game about the native culture, suddenly all the natives were speaking English. But I guess it was done to keep costs low, so it's understandable.
-The Sky World level was a cool concept, but a pain to navigate. They may have fixed the white loading screens after people complained about them, but it's even worse to PLAY through a white loading screen, following white (practically invisible) wolves with no clear direction indicators.
-The episode was short. I didn't go in with high expectations, so the length was fairly close to what I anticipated, but aside from the main story there aren't many interesting things to do. Just like in the main game, the side quests are basically "press button to interact with random citizen", convoy attacks and lots and lots of chests. I don't even see the point of the chests as I keep my ammo full by looting dead guards.
-Is it just me or do all enemies suddenly have a lot more hit points? It takes ages to finish a battle even with just regular soldiers. The main game seemed to have a smoother "flow" to the combat.
-I guess with Haytham being dead in this alternate storyline we won't be seeing him again. :( I was also hoping for the return of Kanento:ko, but it seems like another cost-cutting decision.

TL;DR : I got the DLC for free and went in with low expectations. If I'd have paid for it, I would probably have been more disappointed. Once more lack of interesting side missions and a very short main quest. It would have been better to release all three episodes at once for a more worthwhile experience. At least Wolf Cloak is cool.

02-20-2013, 02:26 PM
Good -
Outfit is nice, like all the different animal designs except the hood could've looked MORE like a wolf as it's the most important part of the outfit.
More stealth which is better then running in guns blazing.
Wolf Cloak is good and the sound effects with it make it even better, calling wolves to help is better then assassins as the wolves can't die but they should be real instead of ghosts.

Bad -
The dogs finding you so far away is kind of annoying.
Wolves attack you! you have the power of the wolf but when you walk past a pack they try killing you.
When you're wearing the wolf cloak sometimes it comes off when attacking people stealthily so it gives away your position.
There's no House or Manor to change your weapons as I found a huge War Club in a teasure box which is irritating.

02-20-2013, 02:34 PM
I wasn't waiting for an Undead Nightmare DLC, I do not care about length and I did not expect a drastically different experience from AC III. The Infamy is a lot shorter than Undead Nightmare, about 2 and a half hours of Main plot alone and has the exact same gameplay of AC III (How surprising)

The Infamy delivers. It manages to create a strong opening along with an outstanding new score and additional elements that, although looked wacky, gave me great moments of gameplay, even better than those of AC III.

It starts fairly quick. destruction, violence and all that. Awesome cutscenes and voice acting as expected. the whole atmosphere just takes you on a Journey. you`re not in AC III anymore, this is a grittier, more sadistic game. You feel it literally everywhere you jump, run and climb and it looks good. getting away with the writing which was great, albeit marred with some awkward dialogue moments, the greatest point about the story is the soundtrack. AC III had some of the best pieces of music in the series, but the infamy is on another level. that little fight in the village before Ziio dies (Again, what are the oods ?) It`s just a normal fight...you know..combat and all, but the music...I was truly stunned. Some may think I`m over reacting but I`m not. Lorne Balfe managed to make a simple sequence of combat, the most epic moment in the series for me and I`m not joking, that fight isnow (http://forums.ubi.com/#) my favorite moment of the series.

We`re finally set free so we can roam and you begin to truly dissect the atmosphere more. Bodies, horses, hangings, cages, stocks, blood...Ubisoft filled this world with horrific sights of tyranny and it works. You only see misery, but while it does manage to deliver such moments statically, it should`v done it dynamically. Great. bodies, blood and all...they`re not moving. It would`v been so much better to have some misery that`s alive and dynamic to bring the world up better.

The Characters give Ratonhanhketon a new aura. he`s in his element. Two Natives and the Clan mother, all that was needed for a fresh yet familiarly lovable Ratonhanhkaton. We know it`s him, but it`s a very different air about him among his comrades, my only regret is the death of the two native boys, but this probably serves to set the stage for Ratonhanhketon to shine and assert that this is Connor`s fight alone for vengeance, justice and liberty.

The story simply manages to act away from AC III`s. It`s different and it`s not bad. It`s adequate and provides all the needed elements.

Mission Design:
Oh Design. A subject talked about a lot from everyone here..well. My first analysis came during the cannon mission with Ziio. I wanted to see how different will they make it. do they listen ? and I guess yes. do not get me wrong, I despise anything that is over the top. I despise the idea of naval combat, but it works wonderfully. same here with the cannon. It works so much better than the original and is more fun. it added a bit of challenge. fast targets, slower targets and differently positioned ones. that`s how you make an ugly face work. it`s not AC, but it works and that`s great mission design.

The Second thing I was anticipating was stealth. The wolf cloak is a stealth element and it comes with a wolf pack and I have to say, I thought it`d make the game easier, the game was still easy, but it was fun. VERY fun and the added bits of balance really show that Ubisoft can implement decent elements of stealth properly. The most fun mission I`v played for some time in AC was infiltrating Valley forge. a simply idea of moving from a bush to another. They just needed the right idea and they got it. adequate lengths between bushes and very fun tactics, could`v been so much better, but then again, everything else could.

I`m truly looking forward to seeing more of the Animal powers, because the wolf cloak definitely has me sold on the rest.

Side Content:
Apparently, Ubisoft takes complaints one step at a time. I made a thread a few months ago explaining how Random missions were terribly needed. They should be random, with context and unending and they complied with this. Now we have infinite missions that are random. yay..random missions ?? Alright No...Look...it`s a step in the right direction, but it`s still broken. it`s, AGAIN, the push of a button and the guy literally has nothing to say. IT NEEDS CONTEXT. a short dialogue like the one at E3...just that, followed by a sequence of animation where the man who asked for help actually starts to eat...not walk away like a mindless ****.

Maybe in the next (http://forums.ubi.com/#) episode we`ll get context.

The chests are brilliantly made. getting them before having the wolf cloak can be tiresome and tedious, because for some reason, the Guards now have telepathic abilities, x-ray vision, infrared vision and telescopes. It`s nuts, man xD

Brilliant story, attention grabber as always with lots of promise. best DLC in the series..