View Full Version : Twin Holster Royal Pistol Fix(most likely will only work for new games)

02-19-2013, 06:45 AM
I believe I've stumbled across a "fix" for the infamous twin holster issues with royal pistols(granted it probably wont work for most of you unless your just starting a new game). The fix is this: Do not buy or equip any other guns besides the Royal Pistols(you'll get free guns as you go along just make sure you don't equip them, use starter gun until you can unlock royal), and you must be wearing default assassin's outfit(dying it is fine)

I've played through the game twice now, first time it was always royal and pitcairn when fast traveling or area changes. I believe it does this because for your second gun it always puts in your next best gun, and unfortunately pitcairn is "technically" better then royal so it always throws that in. You'll never have a problem dual wielding two pitcairns.

So when I started a new game I thought I would try to not equip any other guns besides the starter one and the royal pistols and see if that did anything...and it did =). There is a catch however, If you change your outfit to anything besides the regular assassins outfit it reverts back to one pistol, but it only gives you the one Royal Pistol and no second gun. You can change outfits without any permanent damage, just switch back to default assassin outfit if you want to dual wield again...also worth mentioning, this gets rid of that annoying "acquired one weapon" message every time you zone.

I haven't had an issue once since I got the royal pistols, always have two guns(unless I change outfits)

I realize this solution isn't ideal and pretty bland due to the outfit restrictions but if you truly want the best 4 shot pistol set up this is the only way I've found to do it.