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02-18-2013, 11:32 PM
Days ago Marc Alexis Cote (DLC creative director) said that this DLC will be canonic and it will connect AC3 with the next game, despite of being a parallel universe.

How a parallel universe could influence in the main storyline?

My theory is that it's gonna be a Connor's nightmare where he will see how Washington obtains an Apple of Eden and becomes tyrant. So when Connor wakes up, he will be very worried and decide to visit Washington. When he reunites with George, Connor notices that Washington just find a "brilliant metalic ball", so Connor decides to take the Apple, avoiding that GW becomes tyrant as in his dream. When Connor takes the Apple, this react to his ADN and begin to glow. He receives a message like this: "Find Jupiter's temple". In that moment is showed a map that point to France (Notre Dame was built over an ancient roman temple meant to worship of Jupiter). Finding that temple will be important to defeat Juno. So Connor decide travel to France and participing the French Revolution!!!

Sorry for my bad English.

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No,this theory sucks.