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02-18-2013, 10:02 PM
So, I just went onto youtube and searched for the new dlc and a video preview by gamespot came up. note that I don't have the link, as it was on a different device. The video showed a few things about the gameplay and the story, and I am posting my response to it. Everyone, it looks freaking awesome!!!!

Abilities: Im a little wary about the new tea induced powers such as invisibility, but from the looks of it, the powers seem like a fine addition.

THE TRUTH: In an article, ubisoft said that the first few moments of the dlc upon starting is a 20 second garbled video. They aid that you can ungarble the video by finding certain collectables around the map. The final tranlated video will be about two minutes. OMFG guys, this is their response to our complaint about the lack of truth puzzles in the game. This could be a way of adding those sorts of puzzles back into the game, which would be awesome.

CONNOR: Since the next AC will not feature Connor, ubisoft is working very hard to make dlcs that continue his story in a great way. Previously thought to be non-canon, ubisoft has said that it will be canon, and will be kinda like "Connor wakes up and suddenly the world is not as it seems". So connor does remember what actually happened in his assassin life, and hes confused that his village is still there and the Washington s king. This is a way to add more canon story to connors life.

ALSO, CONNORS MOM ALIVE!!!!! In the alternate history, Ziio was never killed. Everyone who thinks Connor is emotionless should watch the video on youtube, because it shows just ho passionate he is. I cant here the dialogue, but it sows a scene in which connor is looking around in confusion and his mother walk up behind him and says hello. He turns around, his eyes widen, and he passionately embraces her, astonished, much to Ziio's surprise, who doesnt know that here whole life is just an alternate history. Remember connor hasnt "seen" her since he was a child, so this has to be an incredible moment for him.This moment brings out the inner passion inside him, and it made me very emotional even though I couldnt hear the dialogue. THE REASON WHY CONNOR IS SO GRUMY IS BECUSE HIS VILLAGE AND MOTHER WERE KILLED AND DESTROYED... NOW THAT BOTH ARE BACK... WHO KNOWS HOW IT WILL AFFECT HIS PERSONALITY. WE COULD SEE AN ENTIRELY REBORN CONNOR IN THIS DLC, and it will finally get him the respect and love he deserves.

I am extremely excited for the dlc, and excited to see how Connor is in the DLC. As now the voice actor has had time to think about peoples thoughts on his way of speaking, and maybe make connor sound a little happier. I AM FREAKING EXCITED. P.s. I dont know if Haytham is still alive, all I know is that the apple of eden has returned and looks as shiny as ever, and the george washington villain is a complete badass. Thanks guys. sorry for any grammar errors as I am typing very fast because I am excited. Sorry, I dont have the link to the preview, but it should be pretty easy to find on youtube.

02-18-2013, 10:30 PM
not to be a schmuck, but i think you refer to Tuesday's (XBox/Microsoft) release of the SP DLC Tyranny Of King Washington. beyond that i feel your excitement!!!

first, The Truth. yeh, some more of that would be kool, as long as it doesnt get silly like finding passwords in strange symbols, ala AC2.

second, a further look at Connor and his personality is most welcome. good point wondering Haytham's fate during it all as well. yes, this Connor may or may not remember his Assassin experiences, but he does have the DNA. who knows what some natural herbs will do and to what?

last...Connor's Apple O' Eden...i doubt that Washington will have the same one Connor had and hid in his villiage...mostly because that one seemed made of crystal, and in my game, it shattered/disintegrated at the end of the story after his last Precursor vision, leaving him with the key and instructions to hide it.


02-19-2013, 03:31 AM
Arrgghhh.... It's 19th in Asia already but I have to wait till tomorrow .... Time equation problems ...