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02-18-2013, 11:21 AM
Hi guys,

just want to give you a heads up: backup all the DLC installers you download!

Why you might ask? Well, here goes:

Decided to install AC3 again (already 100%) because of the upcoming DLC3.
So I installed Uplay and downloaded the entire game.
Started the game, save games were synced and all went well.
At least I thought, because loading the save resulted in an error: exclusive content missing.
That must be the DLC1 I bought using the Season Pass before. Apparently this is not included when you download the game and makes your save games useless unless you install DLC1. Trying to download DLC 1 & 2 from the store resulted in failing because I'm 'too late'.
Found DLC1 'somewhere else' and installed it and now all is working well.

Now for DLC2, because I still haven't found it although I payed for it.

I can't understand why the DLC isn't downloaded with the game and you need to search for it yourself.
The 30 day limit is completely ridiculous. Software you buy should be available for download at any time.

I'm sorry if I bashing, but this is basic stuff that should work. Never seen this happen on Steam or Origin.

02-18-2013, 04:12 PM
Got reply from UBI support with a new link to DLC2, but I already took it from kat.ph

Reply within 24 hours so no remarks there :)