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02-17-2013, 11:13 PM

I am mostly a pc gamer but I love wii U and since there is a slight possibility to bring this game on wii U... I have to make a couple of suggestions, to point out some things, important for us.

If the game is going to be a port from 360 or ps3, better dont do it at all. Because you only thinking of profit and not that you have to do with a more powerful console. Nintendo gamers will punish you for that. (As they claim about raynman as well).

An example is NFS most wanted, developers there got all the support and made all the effort to transfer the game from the PC, not the past due ps360. Higher ress textures, better DOF, etc pc assets.

I hope we see a watchdogs like this, not a watchdogs full of problems ported from the dead old consoles. After all, Wii U overall is 2-3x times better than current gen. (ram bandwidth is 5x, GPU is 2x+, CPU is out of order and it can perform better and faster than the current and much modern than the old wii cpu, with the 3mb cache). Porting a game from 360 with "in order" programming and restrictions (also cpu locked), you damaging the system instead of giving it an extra title for it. Because you making it look worse. Also you could take all the advantages of the new gpu features (lighting, polys, tessellation, etc..).

We (many gamers) are very frustrated with the behavior and attitude from some developers, an example is gearbox and alien game... sad for sega. Surely this company will be punished in all platforms after the latest rumors. ( They used segas money to built borderlands and they tricked thousands of gamers with lies). As I said, we are very frustrated and we start punishing developers... Developers lately tempt to give us crap games and complain after "wii U version of the game doesnt sale much" logical.. if they sell us craps.

Some suggestions that many games adopt lately in a style like watchdogs..

I ve noticed that this game enters in the private lifes of the NPC's (even if they have HIV virus), surely the game will be M for mature...

Well, some romance wouldnt be bad! Not bad at all!
Buy property ? You could also have an e-shop buying stuff for it (eg. decoration, high-tech monitoring the building, etc).
Moddng for PC? The moding community loves games, like watchdogs style (open world) and moding is the key of success in keeping us in a game for a long time.

If you allow moding I will buy it for pc, if you dont allow moding and wii U gets a cheap 360 port, I will think about it, in general. An example is sleeping dogs, its open world, beautiful, but it ends up boring, no much to do at the end of the day, ibased only in questing, so the property is nothing very important on that game.. U must give us things to do, even if they dont have anything to do with the missions.


02-19-2013, 10:59 AM
i really want this game on the WiiU

02-22-2013, 12:52 AM
It is very possible this game will come out on the Wii U, as it is available for pre-order on the Wii U already.

02-22-2013, 12:36 PM
Just to confirm,

Watch_Dogs is coming to Wii U ;)

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