View Full Version : Abstergo Score Problem

02-16-2013, 06:17 AM
For the new season of Assassins Creed 3 online I have been able to get very high on Abstergo Ladder. However I have a reoccuring problem in which my score suddenly loses 500 points for literally no reason at all. I will play a match, have 1000 points, end the match saying no change in score (=) and then suddenly have 500 points missing.

Even with this problem I was able to get to rank 263 but if my points weren't lost I would have been in the top 20 (roughly)! :P (I looked at others score and they were lower than my original score.

So I am honestly wasting my time attempting to raise my rank because for some reason my points are just disappearing. I'm really irritated about this because I still haven't reached Legendary rank yet because I started late in the last season. So I can't unlock the items either because some glitch is causing my score to disappear or get the rank I should have.

This is hardly fair