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02-15-2013, 11:39 PM
Just a brief comment, ahem:
You would not find a more avid AC fan than I, up until now that is, AC3 just doesn't cut it and has a series of things that make it not only annoying to me but irritating enough that I am seriously contemplating turning off the game for good. SOmeone else has said it, but I shall too, no humour, no life, no depth of any kind, to any of the dialogue or secondary characters, with Ezio you felt a mystery, you felt...something, with connor, you run round and stab a few deer for no reason at all as far as I can fathom with some vaguely jingoistic backline always drumming at you, was this made for Americans only, check the world peeps, nobody gives a rats arse about the US nowadays, oh except Americans as always, don't they even listen to what dire dialogue there is in here and work out that the whole US of A thing is a sham played on them by their keepers? Hey ho, please evict the US apologist Komissar ensconced in the developers office eh.
Some other things: .
Crafting - great idea, utterly pointless execution. Utterly. What a shame.
Mini Games - WHAT the hell?????? I have board games at home, I don't want to play a board game, that's why I am playing a computer game, and then there's about twenty of the things and nothing else ugh, no thanks FYI not played a single one after the first, not one, I've looked in the hopes there's was something else out there, there isn't: lazy guys, just lazy.
DIalogue - touched on the lifeless, boredom inducing cut out characters, but the repetition is simply irritating beyond belief: a gaurd can't find you, he witters on with the same two lines, for ever, you get off the horse, paul rever won't freaking stop, not only is the dialogue dead, it's also killing; I can't count the number of times I've told my PC where to go since starting this game simply based on the dialogue. Say you're bit then shut the funk up.
The "Fight" - THis is the point at which I stopped to write this note. This mission is not only utterly pointless but has single handedly broken the spell of AC for me and killed it stone dead, I don't know if this game was made primarily for the consoles but I am a PC player, there are four keys on each side, I have tried hammering one, tapping multiple, mashing the entire keyboard, oh yes, I can get the letters to the edges quite easily but absolutely nothing I do has any bearing whatsoever on the pretty lights, I sat for 48 minutes before giving up, (reference again the repetative dialogue, it's somehow even slightly worse in a scottish brogue), I don't give up, I can spend literally days on a single section of game just to get it right but there is no end point here, no suggestion of any kind that anything I do makes any difference, a more frustrating scenario I can't think of in a RPG game. I check for any tips , nada beyond 'move the left and right sticks.....' they are not sticks they are pc keypads, hence my looking under PC version tips in the search.
Camera - Height is your enemy, This game has been a lot of firsts for me, I left all the viewing trees in the frontier uncompleted, again I cannot express to you clearly how utterly exceptional this is for me, I have utterly no life and will sometimes spend fourteen hours a day on a game doing and redoing each section until I get 100 percent right, not here, as soon as you get near the top of the tree (or anything for that matter) the camera won't allow you to look up and see where you have to go meaning endless over and over again falling out of the tree and dieing, it's just not interesting or fun. Also when up trees and branch gets in your way, you can't see diddly, moving makes it worse, and then you get into a fight just below a tree and for half the time you can't even see your character, just the tree and weapons flashing out around it, annoying.
Wolves and Bears - DOn't get it, every time I am attacked by a wolf or a bear I die, every time, I mash Q or space or E to no avail, I tap them, nothing, I feather on e or all as requested, defreaking synch: look, I have a large freaking axe, I would like to hit said creature with my large (and I am trusting - sharp) axe, oh no, just put an e on the screen instead, that'll do it, I can't run from them , why, because somebody is putting that big e on the screen that stops me, I'm an assassin but opt to use bare hands when fighting large creatures, what the hell?? I have a gun too but they seem to be bullett proof wolves and flak jacket wearing bears, even when you take the moment to F and hit em between the eyes. There is absolutely no 'training' anywhere in AC3, you occassionally get a written message that flits by but no option to go anywhere and TRAIN how to do these things with perhaps somebody doing a voice over giving us a semblance at least of what needs to be done, hammer, tap, time, mash, feather, what the hell! the sheer repetitivness of dieing heading for a trinket after pounding the keyboard to breaking point is very wearing indeed.
Horses - Please please stop them, just, stop them. I'm sneaking up on somebody, suddenly all the people around me are backing off, oh yes, that would be the large horse snuffling on my shoulder as I lurk in the shadows, very faithful utterly useless as a companion of any kind, just stop where I leave you, if I want you I'll whistle cause hey, the guys in planning thought to provide a whistle for the purpose, they just forgot to add brakes to the unminded horse it seems. I have taken to axing the horses or trying to just to get rid of the **** things, back off Mr Ed and get out of my back pocket!
Guns and Ammo - We've establsihed I have a problem with bears, I overcome it by getting height nothing else works for me, I can take out fifteen men at once without losing a single piece of life but a single wolf will put me down : and so to man eater; no height possible, and no matter how I try and what variations of tricks I use, you won't let me either entice the bear outside or carry a loaded rifle, stuff you, all you want is for me to complete the task yes, well can I please go about it how I choose given the resources and talents to hand, apparently not, you'll let me free roam and knife a rabbit but you won't let me use what I have or even, dare I say it again use my BIG AXE om BIg creatures, what gives. I killed forty plus redcoats just to get a loaded rifle to deal with the maneater as young connor, not one had a bullet, why? I've gone to all the effort of finding a work around, hell I even tried carrying a gunpowder cask from the tea party later to blow the **** thing up, can you imagine how long that took me? And for those interested, no, it doesn't transport, even if you walk the entire way, another well spent couple of days let me tell you.

I have load loads more, which is (sad as it sounds) for me the truly heartbreaking thing, I use XP, can't stand 7 or over but decided to upgrade JUST so I could play AC3, I will be going back, likely tomorrow with AC3 uncompleted and never to be done so it seems. I will also be very unlikely to buy any further titles. This game has gone from heads and above my favourite ever to being a complete non event and don't even get me started on the multiplayer piece of ...........well let's just say horse manure in keeping with our earlier moans, why on earth would anyone want to join as a newbie when all you have is two or three experts with all the toys killing everyone every five seconds, they get to feel big, well done, the rest of us just leave. Take a leaf out of Mass Effect 3's book, have small teams of assasins work to clear sections together, oh I don't know perhaps of the huge freaking world of the origional game instead of wandering around rooms of clones trying to avoid the guy with the "instant death from forty paces" weapon whose gleefully amounting kills whilst also killing off your future replayers and hey, here's a thought, have bronze silver and gold levels so at least newbies get the option of standing a chance and the experts realise they are pathetic sad cases as they feel the need to wipe out another bronze group ..ooooh big man!.

I think we have firmly established that I am In fact rubbish at computer games, granted, but I persist and nine times out of ten complete the games in toto, this is one , perhaps the first and most certainly the first I have ever loved so much in int's previous incarnations, that I will be leaving uncompleted, sorry guys, Ezio the design team for 3's assess and bring back the 2 guys and gals, you've taken a massive step back, Connor and crew have achieved what I thought previously impossible, they have killed AC for me quicker than the wolves kill me, which is REALLY saying something.

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