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02-13-2013, 09:52 PM
1. please tell me. what the black line is.. so sacrifice resolution for FPS? HA!
2. still pistol bug. yeah. that problem only fixed when you wear default outfit. Careless!!!

ps. sorry for my bad english.

02-14-2013, 01:08 AM
your symptoms are same for me!!!

and there are homestead soda apparatus glitch too...

And this problems is not only us..

I check it other person and they are same!!!

ubisoft must fix this!!!

02-14-2013, 09:02 AM
While I don't mean to offend anyone, I believe that the only thing Ubisoft should fix ASAP is the attitude of those responsible for the PC version towards the players - meaning those, who make patches, answer to people and care about the overall quality of the PC version of the game. When it comes to this, I am sorry to say it, but Ubisoft is terrible. The company makes great games, but there are just too much problems with them. Justifying the low quality of the PC version by showing us statistics of how many percentage of PC gamers download the game instead of purchasing it is no argument at all - we, legal and honest players, are not responsible for the actions of other people and should suffer no consequences of their actions. It was our choice to buy the game and to give the company our money (believing they deserve it), thus we should not be treated worse than the console players. We do not want to be treated like a second-class society.

Instead of making more market analysis and taking actions that would benefit you the most financially (like dividing a "what-if" DLC, irrelevant to the actual storyline, into 3 parts), you guys should really start caring about your image. That might bring you even more money in the long-term. Just look at how many players actually declared never buying another Ubisoft product. And while we both know that about half of them will still buy another AC game, you still lose the second half that will most likely just download it. Why? Because of your lack of caring about PC players. By not delivering what you promised us. That includes messing up the optimalisation, introducing fixes that fix everything except what people want you to fix (by this I mean 1.02 holiday patch fixing neither the fps issue nor the 'no-music' bug) and introducing even more bugs with each patch, which is supposed to fix things. And now you've announced another AC game, while people STILL claim AC3 to be unplayable. Because of these and many other reasons, many players decided you don't deserve their money. And even if I am not one of those people, I have to admit they do have a point...

Look at it this way: Why was AC2 so much better than AC1? And why did ACB introduce so many improvements to the combat system compared to AC2? Because at that time, Ubisoft was actually LISTENING to those people who played their games. They CARED about what their opinion is and what would they like to see improved and/or added in the next installment. The times of AC2 and ACB were when Assassin's Creed community became huge. Really huge! You gained a lot of fans, because you made brilliant games. You did it by giving the players what they wanted. Just do it again! Give us what we want and we will gladly support you with our money. Treat us well.

We want to be treated equally to the console players.
We want no delays when it comes to the release date.
We want a quality PC version of the game, not a messed up, unplayable port which doesn't take advantage of multi-core processors.
We want a quality support, instead of being responded with an automatically generated message when sending you a ticket reporting a bug.
We want a game properly tested and checked for bugs before its release, so it can actually be enjoyable.

We don't want to hear (I know you didn't do it, but we heard you saying it) about keyboard & mouse being incompatible with the game.
We don't want to experience fixes which don't fix what needs to be fixed, instead breaking the game even more.
We don't want the console players to be given any exclusive content, unless we get to have our own exclusive content.
We DEFINITELY don't want any parts of the game being locked away from us (like the Champion Packs are).

This is how it works. Just treat us well and we WILL buy your games. I know I will. This is because I respect you as a company (though I have to admit, my level of respect towards Ubisoft is not the same as it was before). In return, I want you to respect me as a customer. I am sure many people feel the same way.

02-14-2013, 09:42 AM
Honestly,if they release a patch just fixing PC Optimization issues,that's more than enough.