View Full Version : No DLC links for my deluxe edition

02-10-2013, 09:10 AM

I have a deluxe edition of AC3 and yet i cant use new DLC's, i mean there is no link to download it.
Ubi said i should get it from retailer that i bought from.

So i contact them and they gave me a link of AC3-DLC.exe and it was the Battle Hardened Pack MP DLC, after installing nothing's changed no new Characters, map's and missions.

where can i get the DLC's and how to install?:nonchalance:

02-10-2013, 05:43 PM
you need to redeem your code (key) in extras, go to SP/MP menu, Extras --> Redeem code. enter the same CD key of the game and it should unlock.

However, there are two deluxe editions in the market, one with season pass and the other without it, if you have the one that doesnt include season pass, then even if redeemed your code, battle hardened pack is a DLC that is just included in Season Pass and will not be activated. things that activate with Deluxe Editions with/without season pass are:

1. RedCoat and Sharpshooter Characters in MP.
2. 4 SP missions (Mayan Ruins, Ghost of war 1 (NAVAL), Ghost of war 2 (NAVAL), Benedict Arnold) , icons will appear on the map, but you need to progress like some of them dont appear until sequence 9.

P.S: to get those above, recontact your seller and ask him to send you the download link for DLC1.