View Full Version : PLEASE Ubisoft, bring Legends to the Vita... I beg of you!!!!

02-10-2013, 08:08 AM
You guys did such a brilliant job with the Vita version of Origins... it remains my favorite Vita game to this day. I simply cannot get enough of its charm There's just something about this game when you play it on the Vita... it's hard to describe.

In reality, I know the Vita isn't doing all that well with regards to sales, but I do believe that over time those of us who bought Origins on the Vita will also buy Legends on the Vita too. And then of course you can add on all of the other new Vita owners that didn't own the Vita when Origins was first released. Overall though, looking at the Vita's big picture, 2013 and beyond I think will show steady growth for the Vita as its quality library grows larger.

Another good reason to bring this game to the Vita is the systems similarities to the WiiU gamepad, which Legends takes full advantage of in many unique ways. The PS Vita also could be equally tapped into as far as implementing some of the new and unique gameplay elements/features found on the WiiU version of Legends. So in that sense, both the WiiU & Vita versions of the game would be the most alike in that they are the only systems that can differentiate themselves from the other more traditional consoles. Even the simple yet smart feature in the Vita version of Origins where the player can zoom in or out by pinching/squeezing the screen turned out to be such a useful feature for those of us who wanted to sometimes see all the action up close. I'm sure there are countless other ways to bring the WiiU's specific type of unique gameplay elements over to the Vita using its front & back touchscreens and other system features. Perhaps there are even new ways to play the game that are found ONLY on the Vita??

And besides listing all of the shared features of the two systems above, from just a visual aesthetic standpoint, oh my God would I just love to see another beautiful 2D Rayman platformer on the Vita's spectacular looking OLED screen... as I'm sure many MANY others would too!!!

So as you can see bringing the sequel of a game that worked so very well on the PS Vita would yet again prove to be a very good/popular idea... which would be especially true for all the fans that were brought back to the Rayman universe because of how brilliant Origins ended up being. If I could find another way to beg of you guys, I would... the desire to be able to once again play this type of a game in portable form means so SO much to those of us who don't have any home consoles to play it on, nor the money to go out and purchase one just for this game.

I can't tell you guys over at Ubi how excited it would make us portable gaming fans if you were to hint at the possibility of this game coming out for the Vita (or the 3DS or both). Please at least consider it and don't forget to take into account how good Origins actually turned out to be on the PS Vita. The same will no doubt be true for Rayman Legends if it were on the PS Vita in all of its portable glory. Thanx for your time :)

02-10-2013, 04:01 PM
Vita? What's a Vita...:p

02-11-2013, 11:39 PM
It's okey......WiiU owners can wait another 10 months so it can go in every console! :D

02-27-2013, 06:20 AM
I support you because I also need rayman in ps vita