View Full Version : assasins creed brotherhood help please

02-09-2013, 01:39 AM
hi guys ive been trying to get the extreme variety bonus the one where i need 15 bonuses in one session but it is literaly impossible lol, is there anyone who has a few good mates who could help me get it in a private session? im on the ps3 versio.

my psn id is debo1986

many thanks guys

02-09-2013, 03:47 AM
Just try to focus on getting different kills. Go for the most difficult kills you can initially as the simple ones are easy to get. EG if you have a shot at getting a drop kill or an acrobatic, take that over a regular kill.

Use poison at least once, try to get the first blood at the start of the game, and otherwise use smokebomb and knives to help set up a variety of kills (stun and escapes add to variety, and you can use smokebomb to hold someone in place for a drop kill, or knives to hold someone underneath you for a focus)

This is all for Wanted, I never played a whole lot of manhunt, but it's the same deal really. You can also bring gun if they run around and get a mid air kill.

It can be challenging, but far from impossible. Just try to keep track in your mind of which bonuses you have, and which you need to get.