View Full Version : Where is my DLC?

01-30-2013, 05:34 PM
I couldn't find anything directly related to this, so apologies if I missed it.

I bought Assassin's Creed III from Steam about a month ago, but I finally decided to unlock the DLC from my Digital Deluxe purchase. I was already in the middle of Sequence 6 in my save at this time. I used the code in-game, got the 14 or so messages telling me what I had unlocked, loaded up my save, and....... nothing. No DLC content whatsoever, except the Ezio robes I had unlocked with those Uplay points. But no other content, even though I got those pop-ups saying I had unlocked some stuff.

So I quit the game and restarted, travelled to Boston and did a couple of missions, including the Tea Party, and travelled back to the Homestead. Still nothing. Started Sequence 7 - still nothing!

So help; where is my DLC content?!