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01-29-2013, 10:47 PM
Take a stroll with me down "Memory Lane" if you will. Back to a time when life was easier is some respect. Where were you in 1985? Do you even remember 1985? That was the year that I turned 13.

Other events for that year:

VH1 made it's broadcast debut.
Superbowl XIX - San Fransisco beat Miami 38-16
Cherry Coke was made available in cans & bottles.
Television show "Moonlighting" with Cybill Shepard & Bruce Willis.premieres.
The first Internet domain name is registered (symbolics.com).
Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of Year.
"MacGyver," starring Richard Dean Anderson, debuts on ABC-TV.
Back To the Future is released.


Hope you enjoyed your trip, now back to reality. What a bunch of twonks.


01-29-2013, 10:55 PM
That was the year I graduated college and married my wife.

I was a happy camper, other than I knew I was fixing to move to Detroit, MI for my first professional career position.

01-29-2013, 11:10 PM
WOW!! I remember a lot of the songs from the video being played on the radio. I was Seven years OLD!!!:D

01-29-2013, 11:16 PM
I remember all of these songs. I was just starting high school. Man what a year.

01-29-2013, 11:29 PM
Nice! You know what else appeared around 1985? Crack cocaine. As in, the stuff that whoever put together the song title graphics on that video was on.

"The Shearch is Over"
"Cry For You" (Crazy For You)
"Til Tuesday" as sung by "Voices Carry"
"Elton Jhon"

01-30-2013, 03:51 AM
Ok, I was only 5 then but was George Michael really the number 1 song that year? Ugh. Thankfully my parents were into some better stuff. :D

01-30-2013, 03:56 AM
I was 2!

01-30-2013, 04:23 AM
That was the year I graduated college and married my wife.

I was a happy camper, other than I knew I was fixing to move to Detroit, MI for my first professional career position.

Nice, I live in the burbs, right out side of Detroit. We're you working for one of the Big 3?

01-30-2013, 04:56 AM
Yep. Working for Ross Perot at EDS/GM.

I think we had an apartment in Rochester Hills or something like that. Lived there a year, before I got another postion back home.

Working for Ross was like being in the military. Dress codes, including hair cut and facial hair style, not to mention strict suit/shirt colors.

The people I worked with were way different than back home (most of us resettled from outside MI) and were a lot of fun. There was a lot to do also. We hiked, ate out, went to concerts, and loved the music store selections.

We were just broke all the time, like newly weds are. Ugh, really those were some tough times, but we were young.

01-30-2013, 05:08 PM
Can't remember anything exciting for myself that year. We would have had our first anniversary that year, living in an apartment in Point Loma Heights for (I think) $260/month. We had two cats, a Siamese (Jay) and a black cat (Chester).

We had a 1977 IH Scout with a 345 engine, a 1969 Opel Kadett and a 69 Fiat sport coupe (Libby's but not running of course). Oh wait, no, Libby had seized the Opel by that time (not checking the oil enough?) and we had a 1974 Fiat 124 TC. I drove the Scout generally and Libby drove the Fiat.

Of all the cars I've owned, that Opel is one that I wish I still had instead of taking it to a junkyard, it was a pretty nice car.

Not just cherry coke but the "new coke" came out that year. Yuck!

01-30-2013, 06:13 PM
I remember that year well. I had just graduated HS (1984) and went out to Tulsa, OK for trade school. It was my first time living on my own in an apartment with a roommate. I was 18 and had a bit to much freedom. Lots of good times!

01-30-2013, 06:25 PM
I turned 18 in 1985... and watching that YT video reminded me why I hated the 80's so much.

01-30-2013, 06:49 PM
I still prefer Seether's version of "Careless Whisper" ;)

I knew most of those... I had no idea that Jennifer Rush's version of "Power of Love" was so huge. This must have been a British oriented chart. I only knew Celine's version from later. Love to see some of those songs show up in RS, though. Not sure whether I'd rather see Dire Straits or Bruuuuce or Don Henley, though.

Lots of great memories there, though. I was 13 that year, so other than quite possibly having been the year that I got to third base, I have no idea what significant would have happened in my life ;) At least I am a little younger than some of you old codgers on here. LOL.

01-31-2013, 01:25 PM
I was 13 in 85 as well and I remember more or less everything here. Don't forget Brothers in arms was released in 85 also, did you know anybody that didn't have that album? Live Aid, Commando ... "chenny!", the Rainbow Warrior, boys of summer, enemy mine ....

great now I'm all nostalgic and felling old ... bummer!

01-31-2013, 04:08 PM
I was 10. MTV and VH1 were all I watched. I remember writing every band I could think of on my folder while I was at school. I think I had almost 200. All of those music videos had a huge an impact on me. I remember every one pretty clearly. Thanks for the post!

02-02-2013, 03:14 PM
In 85 we left San Diego for Pittsburgh where I started my career as a computer geek. Wasn't Live Aid in '85? We made it back to San Diego in 86 but back to Pittsburgh again in 93.

02-02-2013, 04:23 PM
i was also 2 but they were my parents soundtrack so they became mine. Im actually still living in the 80's, you should see my ipod playlist......

02-03-2013, 10:31 AM
Um... I was 6. I remember watching Money for Nothing on MTV. I danced around to Madonna while I was playing dress up as her. Then I took a nap with my Cabbage Patch Kid. lol

02-04-2013, 08:53 AM
Good year. Graduated high school and started college. The summer in between I was asked to be lead guitarist for a band that was trying to make a break. My one and only "session" gig.
Two of my friends (Bass Player and a Keyboard Player - we had all been our first band together during high school) were already playing with these two guys (Drummer and Lead Singer) who were in their 30's and had been in some semi-pro touring bands. I'd been hanging out at a few of their rehearsals and I got the call when they fired the previous guitarist. I remember I stayed at the drummer's house for a few weeks while we rehearsed. I did a grand total of two gigs with them I think. I after one of the gigs I heard from my friends that the main guys thought my solo's were "too metal" for their more popular mainstream aspirations. It didn't last long, but it was a lot of fun. The only song I remember for sure we played was "Heaven" by Brian Adams. We might have done "Jump" by Van Halen too.
When college kicked in that fall, guitar took a major back seat. (Sigh). Now I have RS to relive the glory days of my youth, albeit in my basement.... :) I wish I could remember the name of that band......

03-07-2013, 03:29 PM
I was only 3 years old and at that time I started listening to music but I was more into Led Zepplin and Rod Stewart at that time cos that was something my father listend to alot. Later I caught up on 80's so I also now these songs :)

03-07-2013, 03:51 PM
Yep. Working for Ross Perot at EDS/GM.

Look at that... I also worked for Ross Perot, but at Perot Systems... Florida and Virginia, from 2000 through 2007. Now it is all Dell Services.

03-07-2013, 04:33 PM
Yeah, workin' for that kook is why I cut off all my hair (he had strict dress codes). I don't miss him or the hair at all. :D

03-07-2013, 05:36 PM
I was 2!

Same here but I still have early memories of most of that stuff from a couple years later. What the hell were people on back then with some of those songs? lol

03-07-2013, 05:42 PM
I was 11, living in a different country, speak a different language and listen to different kinda music... :)

03-07-2013, 05:50 PM
Thanks for making me feel depressed ! **** the music was awful that year!

Also worked at EDS Canada for a couple of years as a freelance back in 2001!

03-07-2013, 08:19 PM
The Best thing I like about Ross Perot is only his Quotes.!