View Full Version : Source of obtaining the Season Pass

01-29-2013, 12:48 PM
I have an important question regarding the Season Pass for AC3. There is an online shop which offers the Season Pass at a lower price than the one from Ubishop. My question is, is it allowed for me to purchase the Season Pass there instead of buying it on Ubishop? Or do I absolutely HAVE to buy it on the official Ubisoft store? I do not want to get my account suspended or anything, so that's why I'm asking. However, if it is "allowed" for me to obtain the Season Pass elsewhere, it would be great to cut the spendings.

Since I'm Polish (meaning I'm poor as a church mouse), 30 is serious money for me - not to mention it's just about 30% cheaper than what I payed for an entire PC Anthology that I purchased in December :nonchalance: That's 2 weeks of food for 2 people, guys! Keep laughing, cause I'm laughing at it too :D Can you see now how badly I must love the AC franchise to even raise up this question? ;)

I'm sorry if the thread existed before, I didn't find it during my search.

Thanks in advance ;)