View Full Version : My experiences and solution for some ZombiU Hard Freezes

01-27-2013, 05:59 AM

First post, I would like to share my experiences with the Wii U (particularly Zombi U) and my solution to some of its Hard Freezes. Sorry for the length.

I will start off by saying I have the Premium Black Edition console with Nintendoland, PAL. Whether this makes a difference to the bugs or not I dont know. I purchased my gear in November on preorder with NSMBU and ZombiU on disc and 4 downloadable games. Downloaded the updates and at this point I had downloaded the UPlay app too, but not yet created an account or linked it to my games.

During November and most of December I had very few problems. 3 in fact. 2 were Hard Freezes, mid way through a game of Zombi U multiplayer and mid way through a game of NSMBU. The other was a glitch in Zombi U where my character got stuck between a dumpster and a stairwell. Couldnt move, couldnt get unstuck through any combination of swinging the bat, shooting guns or opening the backpack. Just had to reset from last save point. Couldnt do much about these.

I completed Zombi U on chicken and decided to replay on a harder setting. But first I created my Uplay account and linked ZombiU. Unlocked a few things. Great!

Skipping over Normal mode and going straight to Survivor mode, quite a few problems started occuring. My character gets stuck a lot, going under the roller door in the safe house, climbing through the window, climbing over a ledge at rons flat etc. But the main problem has been the Hard Freezes. Most significantly the ones before the game has even started.


To be clear, I start the game from the Wii U menu, the flash card/splash screen is displayed momentarily, the animated Ubisoft logo/animation plays, the "How long will you survive" screen is shown and then it freezes. I either get a black screen on both the TV and gamepad or I get a black screen on the TV and a single frame of the orange background graphic on the game pad, or that same single frame of the orange background graphic (but no menu) on both the TV and the gamepad. The Home button on the gamepad does not bring up the Home Menu. The TV button does allow me to control the TV. The power button on the Wii U does not work, even holding the button down. Yet the Eject button still ejects the disc. I have to physically pull the power cable at the back of the console and plug it back in.

At one point, this happened 22 times in a row. After the 5th time I started trying different things to see what the cause was. This included making sure there were no scratches on the disc, that I had access to Miiverse before starting the game, making sure I had access to Uplay before I started, checking Internet access, even making sure there was no dust or excess heat. On the 23rd attempt the game started fine. I was at a loss to explain what I had done differently that particular time.

The next day the same thing started happening again, this time It started working after the 3rd restart. The only common thing was the relative position of the gamepad from the Wii U. Normally I sit about 4 feet from the TV, off centre, with the Wii U the other side of the TV at about 5 feet. But the times when Zombi U would not start and then for some reason did start seem to be because the gamepad was within a foot from the console at that point in the Main Menu.

I have put this theory to test many times since I noticed this early January. I had thought it a coincidence. But its almost reproducible for testing now. After I get to the main menu I can go back to sitting 4ft from the TV in my armchair, its just getting past that point that seems to freeze the game ordinarily.

I have also bought two more games since then. Both Ubisoft games. Rabbids and Sports Connection. I have had no problems with Rabbids and it has been linked to Uplay since I got it.

Sports connection is a different story altogether. I dont think its linked to Uplay, I havnt got that far in the menu. To date, I have not been able to play a complete single game. It freezes at random points in the menu or in the game. The 2 times we got past the menu and into the game, just before it freezes a sound comes from the TV (not the console) it, starts to make a weird whirring noise in place of some of the game noises like tennis balls bouncing, it came good once but then started whirring again and then froze. On the second of these two freezes, the whirring noises again came through the tv in place of the sound effects, and the disc drive was making a bit of noise and then the Wii U itself started emitting a buzz and crashed. At least this time I got an error code about a dirty disc (though the disc is immaculate).

The 2 times I got past the menu in Sports Connection, the gamepad was within a foot of the console. I have not tried to play Sports Connection since.

Returning to Zombi U, playing through on Survivor, I have noticed the game freeze a few times mid game, as soon as this happens, I have moved the gamepad to within a foot of the console and 2 out of 3 times the game snaps back to life. Sometimes it takes 5 or so seconds (which feels like a lot more) with a horde of Zombies after you!

I dont know if any of this helps anyone, or if it even works for someone else, I really hope it does, sorry for the post being so long if it dosn't. After reading the post about no future patches for the game, I had hoped this be detailed enough to help someone or even inspire the devs for a solution.