View Full Version : ac3 is one of best games i ever played on this gen

01-24-2013, 07:10 PM
really !
im a big ac metal gear uncharted fan
i bought every of them for ps3

for me

really i really liked
i also loved so much revelations because it was setting time in istanbul whcih is my living city( sorry for bad english)
but really in general acrev wasnt bring a lot to franchise
bomb greaneding was such a fail
and same for also tower defence

but ac3 come on
who does people still says game is buggy?

HELL THE game is looking like next generation game on my PS3
really becasue of that in some places like boston and new york yes there are little frame rate problems but How can this can be a big problem ? this just happened 3-4 times for me in 20 hours
not a big deal
i also happened a few glitchez like when i go to cave (homestead missions) here was a wolf and i went for then i felt to infinite space something like that but they arent big deal

i really liked graphics gameplay new weapons new connor story
animations improved A LOT OF
i also liked to be climb anywehere really
in others games that was such stupidty
you cant climb anyone just need to walk around that
that was stupid
but this is super
also same for wihile climbing on you can pass beams

really liked that features
i also liked
you can just turn off your ps3 and when you come back there is no save corrupt
no ps3 corrupt
really liked
i dont have always time for quitting
i just turn my of ps3
and ac3 was perfect at this

what i didint like
throwin is removed
why i dont know
isecond thing
i really liked hookblade in ac rev i wshed to be but not a big deal
that stupid crafting thing
never liked man
end of game i was iwith 43
never earned money in itself
i just bought 4000 sword at total and it was money was coming from first missions


multiplayer still sucks but now it can find peoples anyway

im still playing i will try to jump to Far Cry 3
if people says its better than aac3

then how is far cry 3