View Full Version : In my opinion, there are Three bugs which ubisoft must fix.

01-24-2013, 11:36 AM
In my opinion, there are Three bugs which ubisoft must fix.

First of all. DLC 1 music missing bugs.

I was saw many thread of this problem.

Of cause, I`m digital deluxe edition. so, I don`t have this problems.

but I think this problem is quite a serious.

The second one is, firearm bugs.

ubisoft describes they fixed this bugs. and there are actually fixed little.

but this problem is still appear!!

when I cloth normal assassins outfit. there is not a problem

but if I changed the outfit, this problem is still appear!!

This is the link of my symptoms.

I tried four outfit, but there are same symptoms, I think the other outfit appear same.

http://blog.naver.com/netyjoon/90162638505 (http://blog.naver.com/netyjoon/90162638505)

The third one is soda apparatus.

you guys check this problem!!

I already mail to ubisoft about this problem.

when I examine soda apparatus on the second floor in the homestead house.

suddenly I can`t move. and when I press B (I`m PC user but I use xbox controller)

connor is transporting middle of second floor.

and in that time. I cannot access menu. I press ESC or start button. there is no use.

I think this problem is not of mine.

this guy`s glitch is same of mine. you can look


in the 1:30 there is same symptoms of mine.

And important thing, this guy is playing with X-BOX

and I`m playing with PC. there are same symptoms!!

I wish ubisoft must see this Thread and fix these three problems.

Of cause, It could be bothering.

But I think someone must talking about this problem....

And the reason of writing this Thread is

I like ubisoft games...

that`s all....