View Full Version : Can't stop saving, yet doesn't save?

01-23-2013, 03:24 AM
I decided to get Far Cry 3 as a game that I can play when my internet is acting up. During the first cutscene and the first mission, the saving logo (The butterfly thing that turns into 2 guns). I thought this was because of autosave, but it started to get annoying. I didn't think the game would include that, because it never seemed to turn off, so it would be pointless.

On the second mission (when you climb the radio tower), I, being an idiot, wanted to see what would happen if I jumped down instead of using the ladder. I died. The screen went black, except the saving logo was still there and moving, so the game didn't completely freeze. Also, there was now a dolphin-looking figure circling above it. I waited for a solid two minutes and nothing happened. So I ctrl+alt+deleted my way out, closed the game, then opened up another one. It only let me choose "New Game", and it started me back at the beginning.

Did it not actually autosave or what? I am looking forward to playing so please respond.